First Round

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First Round

1 Sacramento Blake Griffin - obvious pick.
2 Washington James Harden - no way Washington not taking Harden - the next Brandon Roy.
3 LA Clippers Ricky Rubio - Clippers will go with Rubio who has great talent.
4 Oklahoma City Hasheem Thabeet - Thabeet is exactly what Oklahoma City need.
5 Minnesota Jordan Hill - Jordan Hill is a good accomplish for big Al.
6 Memphis Brandon Jennings - Brandon Jennings could be a All Star PG, big potential.
7 Golden State Tyreke Evans - Evans can play the PG position and move Ellis to SG.
8 New York Stephen Curry - that what the rumorsay.
9 Toronto DeMar DeRozan - Toronto have a need for 2-3 player so they will go with DeRozan.
10 Milwaukee Gerald Henderson - Milwaukee need help at the SG position.
11 New Jersey Earl Clark - Clark can play the two positions Nets are week at SF, PF.
12 Charlotte Chase Budinger - Charlotte need a SG so they will go with Budinger based on potential.
13 Indiana DeJuan Blair - Indiana must improve their PF spot.
14 Phoenix James Johnson - Grant Hill doesn't have much left so they have to get SF.
15 Detroit BJ Mullens - Detroit are in rebuilding mode so they will go with the big potential of BJ Mullens.
16 Chicago Wayne Ellington - Ellington could be a good replacement for Gordon if he is not re sign.
17 Philadelphia Jeff Teague - Miller gone so they need a new PG with preferring of a PG who can shoot.
18 Minnesota Jrue Holiday - Minnesota has Foye who is a short SG so they need a big PG like Holiday.
19 Atlanta Jonny Flynn - Bibby is a free agent and Flynn could be their PG of the future.
20 Utah Eric Maynor - Utah need a back up PG and Maynor is suitable for Utah system.
21 New Orleans Tyler Hansbrough - New Orleans very week at the bigs so they need help there.
22 Dallas Gani Lawal - Dallas also week at the bigs.
23 Sacramento Ty Lawson - Sacramento need a better PG than Udrih.
24 Portland Terrence Williams
25 Oklahoma Cty Derrick Brown
26 Chicago DaJuan Summers
27 Memphis Derrick Brown
28 Minnesota Sam Young
29 LA Lakers Austin Daye
30 Cleveland Marcus Thornton

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Pac 10

I watch mostly Pac10 basketball, and I've had a pretty good feel for judging potential over the last 15 years. Here is my order of the top 5:

1)DeRozan-major potential and plays well around the basket both finishing and rebounding.
2)Hill-offensive is ahead of defense and has a great face up game for a big.
3)Harden-Crafty and an underrated shooter, but limited athletically
4)Holiday-all the tools are there, no obvious weakness, just needs to put it togather.
5)Budinger-Terriffic athlete and shooter who should be a safe pick and solid contributor, but limited potential.

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Holiday-no obvious

Holiday-no obvious weakness?? He cant score and has barely played any point guard at UCLA. Pretty bad prospects for a guy who people think should play the point in the nba. He should just go back to college

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I would love Toronto to draft DeMar if he drops to them, otherwise, we'll settle for Gerald Henderson.

and for phoenix, getting a franchaise point guard in Flynn is more important than replacing Hill at SF. Johnny Flynn has the ability to excel in the NBA and Phoenix should not pass on that chance.

^my 2 cents

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llperez...does that mean no

llperez...does that mean no griffin??

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jaredpaul- I was just refering to the pac-10 guys. Yes Griffin is clearly #1.

About Holiday- yes he needs to be given time running the point and become more consistent with his jumpshot which is why he is mostly potential right now. However, when he has handled the ball he did quite well. He can go by people, play under control, has good athleicism and finishing skills, solid D, and his shot has good form. All the tools are there with no reason to believe he can't be a great all around player. But like I said, he needs to show that he can put it all together. More time in college would be great, especially with Collison and Shipp leaving wich would give him free reign over the team.

However, I don't think coming back to school would neccesarily improve his pg skills like everyone suggests. Even when Collison did'nt play last year, Jerime Andersen ran the point with Holiday at the 2. I believe that is what they would do again next year keeping Holiday at the 2.

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