First pick 2013

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First pick 2013

All discussions handling the first pick in 2013 handle which player will be better in the future, but taking into account which team will finish with the worst record and have a big chance of obtaining the first pick seems like logical to me. These teams have the worst record, plus team needs and thus possible first pick

New Orleans (9 - 25)
They are set at the PF position (Davis) and SG (Gordon, if they re-sign him, which I think they will). While they are no PG's or SF's who deserve the top spot, I think they should go for Cody Zeller as their C of the future.

Charlotte (9 - 24)
In my opinion, they are only set at the SF (MKG), with a reasonable player at PG (Walker). Best pick would be a low post scoring threat a la Cody Zeller (next to Biyombo), or one of the good SG's in contention, with in my opinion being Shabazz Muhammad the best option.

Washington (5 - 28)
They are set at the PG (Wall) and SG (Beal), with good players up front in Nene and Okafor. With no talented SF's in this years draft, drafting Nerlens Noel to replace Okafor in the long term (Noel playing next to Nene seems like a big man tandem) seems like the best decision.

Cleveland (8 - 28)
They are set at the PG (Irving), just drafted a SG (Waiters) and have a very good player (who might be traded) in Varejao up front (and also have T.Thompson and T.Zeller on their front line). I say make Waiters a 6th man and select Muhammad or McLemore as their starting SG, or select a big man when they decide to trade Varejao (C.Zeller with T.Thompson seems a nice combo, or T.Zeller with Noel).

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Just an FYI, New Orleans has

Just an FYI, New Orleans has already resigned Gordon.

Team needs seem to be described pretty well. As for the Cavaliers, they really just need to go with the best available player whenever they're up to draft. Their wont be any PGs selected that high (which is good since Kyrie is the only solidified answer going forward), so if McLemore or Muhammad is available when it's their turn, they need to pull the trigger. Cavaliers, simply put, need as much talent/scoring ability as possible.

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This site seems to classify

This site seems to classify Bazz as a SF, so if a team is a believer in that theory, it should be taken into account

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that's why i love this forum

that's why i love this forum but mostly don't care abuot what their ranks is

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