First Mock (Comments Included)

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First Mock (Comments Included)

Basically a rough draft. What do you think?

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I think

You did a good job of it, like the analysis for everything and like that you were not lazy and actually did comment analysis for the 2nd round, I do think Whiteside was put a little to high but everything else was good and reasonable.

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Interesting. Arenas to the

Interesting. Arenas to the Kings? Can't imagine that's the direction that they want to go in, if I were Evans I would be pissed. George to the Clips, I like it, that's the first time I've seen him there and it makes sense, they desperately need a SF and it looks like might be the best available after Aminu. I would love if the Jazz got Monroe...but no way the Pacers are drafting Aldrich. If they keep the pick, they're drafting their hometown boy Hayward or adding toughness and athleticism down low, and I'd have to think they'd take Udoh, Davis or Patterson over him. Chicago might like Orton but they're drafting a wing to assist Rose.

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What makes you think MN needs 2 things - Syracuse players and more height?

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I don't get your picks for

I don't get your picks for the Wolves, they'll most likely trade Jefferson or Love so they need a Center, Why not take Cousins at 4 at pick up a guard at 16 instead of taking Johnson at 4.

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Just Curious

Just curious, what would the Kings give up to get Arenas?

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