First Ever Mock Draft

Hey, Did the first round of my Mock draft. its on the link under my name.

Give me some feedback, never done one before...

what do you Guys think?

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Not Bad

Looks realistic. Although, nothing really matters until after the tournament. Not sure if allen Crabbe or kelly olynyk will rise so high and Alex looks a little low.

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First, welcome to our site.

First, welcome to our site. Overall it looks alright though in my opinion Goodwin, McAdoo, and Hardaway are still a bit high, while on the other hand I think Plumlee and Oladipo are too low.

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I can't see the Cavs going

I can't see the Cavs going with Zeller at 4. I think he projects as a PF in the NBA. If the Cavs go big i wouold imagine they would take Len. If they don't move Varejao or sign Oden I think the pick comes down to Shabazz or Porter.

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shabazz wont get past

shabazz wont get past orlando. and porter i think could be a stretch at 4, but it does depend on the tournament

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A UNC and Raptors fan? +1

A UNC and Raptors fan? +1

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