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Lebron comes up big in elimination game and takes over the game he touched the ball every possession and kept attacking if the heat win the finals this is his defining moment.

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Lebron looked pretty terrible

Lebron looked pretty terrible in the last 2 minutes of the 4th. He made several mistakes and missed several shots before making that 3. He nearly cost them the game just as much. But if it weren't for his earlier 4th quarter scoring, his 3 pointer, and his overtime play they wouldn't have won either.

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People are still knocking

People are still knocking him, but we need to give him a bit of respect. He TOOK OVER in that 4th. MAssive plays both ends of the floor, i mean, that block on ducnan was insane. He might had a few bad possessions in the clutch but it was because of him in the 4th it was that close. And people are knocking him because he missed a couple of 3s but he also did make an massive 3 in the clutch.

Here is a nice stat : Those who have recorded triple-doubles in NBA Finals elimination game: LeBron, Magic, Worthy, Unseld, West and Russell. That's it.

32-10-11 3 steals and 1 block is insane albeit on 11-25 shooting. He was able to make plays for his teamates and play that point role he loves so much.

I know, I know, it is just so frustrating when he doesn't attack enough and looks a bit passive. We just have to remember he will never go Jordan, I don't know why everyone keeps comparing him to Jordan. He is a Magic, he doesn't look to drop 35PPG every single night, although we all know he would easily be able to. He loves to play that point-forward, play both sides of the ball and get his teamates involved.

He played a massive all-round game, albeit some stupid plays down the stretch, but come on. Give James some credit please.

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im with you, hes not anything

im with you, hes not anything like jordan, i always said he's alot more like Magic with alot more offensive ability and the most gifted athlete to ever play. but Jordan was more of a ill carry my whole team offensively on my back type player, kinda like Kobe (although he was never jordan either). But Jordan could just absolutely take over the game from an offensive stand point look how many 50 and 60 point games he had. Lebron takes over a game by getting a dunk here hitting a shot or two, then playing great defense, and the best attribute of all is his ability to make his teammates better and his passing skills. I wish ppl wld stop the lbj mj debate its silly, their completely different players. Lebron is the type of player who'd rather get an assist than a dunk.

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