Favors signs extension

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Favors signs extension

4-yrs $49mil

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I was personally surprised

I was personally surprised when this happened. Previous rumours said he was headed for restricted free agency. A good pickup for the Jazz though, I think he'll be a very good player this year.

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I was also surprised with

I was also surprised with this, although happy because Favors has so much upside. As a starter I feel he will easily average a double double with 2+ blocks, but I am not sure how his offensive game will progress.

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IF Favors got $49 million,

IF Favors got $49 million, how much is Hayward going to get?

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Hopefully much less than

Hopefully much less than that. I do not see Hayward being able to lead a championship caliber team. I hope my Jazz are smart about his extension. I would say 4 year 30 mil.

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If that's what you think the

If that's what you think the Jazz should offer Hayward then prepare to be disappointed. He'll command more than that in the FA market. He's the Jazz' best player and has shown more improvement than Favors. He might not get 12 mill per because he's not an athletic 6'10-11 player, but he'll get more than 7 mill. I mean, Jeff Teague just got 8 mill per and he's a below average starting PG.

As for Favors extension, I'm not a fan of it since it's a purely based on potential. Out of all the players from the 2010 class who've gotten big extensions, Favors is the least proven. At least a guy like Larry Sanders proved that he's a DPOY caliber player and Favors got MORE than him.

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He is also the youngest of

He is also the youngest of the class. I think Favors D is already comparable to Sanders and he is 3 years younger. History has shown if you let a semi talented big into RFA, he will be maxed. The Jazz have saved 13 million over the course of his contract by locking him up now rather than matching a max offer. If they let him walk it becomes even more devastating as no marque free agents come to Utah.

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There is no metric that says

There is no metric that says that Favors' D is comparable to Sanders. He's actually been a pretty overrated man defender.
iso ppp (points per possession against) .82
post up ppp .92
dAdjusted +/- 1.6
dAdjusted +/- (boxscore) 3.1

iso ppp .62
post up ppp .7
dAdjusted +/- 3.2
dAdjusted +/- (boxscore) 6.1

Nothing in his game has given any indication that he's a max player. He's shown little development in his offense and he hangs his hat on defense where in terms of man defense he's pretty average.

I think they jumped the gun. At least see how he does as a full time starter first.

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4 years and 49 million is the

4 years and 49 million is the same money Ibaka got on his extension and I think it's fair value for him as I see them have similar upside.

But Hayward will ask for the same price range and Kanter will ask for the same money next year. Some tough decisions to make in the future but I'm glad the Jazz stick to their plan on developing their young core.

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That's the most expensive 10

That's the most expensive 10 pst, 10 rebs, and 2 blks I have seen in a while.

This is a mistake by the Jazz, they could have used this year to actually see if Favors will succeed in a large front court role and signed him to the same type of contract next off season.

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Good deal for both sides and

Good deal for both sides and I feel the Jazz were right to act now, they have lost Jefferson and Millsap and lets say Kanter and Favours both have 15 to 18ppg and 8 to 10rpg seasons. Someone would have offered Favours a max or near offer or he'd have looked to get a near max or max offer from Utah and with Kanter eligible for an extension next summer, Utah may have had to stump up a lot of money to keep both.

Favours representatives may have been prepared to wait but $49 million is a lot to turn down and if he had a quiet season, his value could decline so they probably decided that to extend now is a good idea for both sides. Favours is only 22 years old so can now concentrate on developing his upside knowing he has a guaranteed contract in the NBA for the next 5 years ( year left on his rookie deal and his 4 year extension).

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javale mcgee got 44mil. Good

javale mcgee got 44mil. Good extension by the jazz

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