Favorite KOBE Moment

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Favorite KOBE Moment

Not even really a fan of his but if you love the NBA, you've gotta give it up for the things he's been able to do.

Favorite moment(s) was the stretch of 40pt games he put up in 2003.

IDK if the link works. Help with that, please.

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For me it's the 81 point game

For me it's the 81 point game vs Toronto.

42 minutes
28-46 FG
7-13 3PT
18-20 FT
6 Boards
2 Assists
3 Steals
1 Block

We will probably never see something like this ever again

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You can YouTube it but his

You can YouTube it but his baseline windmill against the Knicks in the middle of his run of 40 point games in a row. Forget how many but he was dominant around this time.

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Offline T

The blow by, the way he toes the out of bounds line, the grace, the power, the stare, the crowd reaction and with no regard for human life. Haha. One of my favorite dunks of all time.

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I was going to call you out but I was wrong. I thought Kevin Harlan used that for the first with LeBron over Celtics. I had no clue that it was recycled.

I like Bron's better. Kobe's reverse was obviously still sick.

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This probably isn't exactly

This probably isn't exactly what you were looking for, but one of my favorite individual moments with Kobe was when Matt Barnes mocked throwing the ball at Kobe's face from point blank range and Kobe didn't even flinch. It was the funniest extracurricular event I have seen take place during an NBA game.

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when he

When he baptized dwight howard , now that was nasty.

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There are so many moments,

There are so many moments, it's hard to choose one. I'll choose a few, but in no order:

- Last season after tearing his Achilles. Walking off of the court on his own and then back on to make two game tying free-throws with like three minutes left. Then walked back off on his own.

- Not flinching at Matt Barnes faking the ball in his face.

- Not laughing or paying any attention to Chris Rock when he was talking to him and making jokes on the sideline.

- His game tying layup and then game winning shot vs the Suns back in the 2007 playoffs.

- His 81 point game vs the Raptors.

- 62 points in three quarters vs the Mavs.

- His crossover on Scottie Pippen and alley oop to Shaq vs the Blazers.

- His "and one" dunk on Steve Nash.

- His reverse double pump dunk on the Hornets.

- And his dunks on Ben Wallace, Dwight Howard, Gerald Wallace/Kris Humphries, reverse dunk on Latrell Sprewell, reverse dunk on Kevin Garnett/Rasho Nesterovic and his dunk over Yao Mao.

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Not a single moment, but just

Not a single moment, but just the redemption Kobe had from 2008-2010.

He was successful so early that people kinda had a dislike towards him but had trouble putting up an argument against him other then he was arrogant. Many hated that he was being compared to Jordan so young. Then with the rape trial, the lakers starting to unravel, the team getting broken up and doing a complete overhaul with shaq going to miami and winning a ring without Kobe while the lakers were struggling. I mean every single person seemed to come out of the woodworks and take shots at Kobe. I remember ray Allen telling the media Kobe cares more about scoring then winning. Scottie pippen was calling a lakers/sonics game and Kobe struggled and pippin just went off on how selfish Kobe was. George Karl discussing the all-nba team selections and making statements about Kobe was nothing more then stats and that anybody who honestly thought Kobe was more valuable to a team then Michael redd(this was after karl stopped coaching redd) of the bucks has no understanding of the game of basketball. The negativity was endless. I mean if you think lebron got it bad, Kobe was getting killed even more. And here I was as a fan just ready to go ray finkle on these guys and start scribbling down every negative Kobe comment I came across on my bedroom wall like a crazy man. And then, he starts winning and it was about having fun again.

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not exactly a moment, but how

not exactly a moment, but how bout a streak? january 29th-february 28th 2003.

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when he said that the

when he said that the cowbells in Sacramento didn't affect his jumpshot...

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pretty much everytime he plays the mavs

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Funny. I was gonna say my

Funny. I was gonna say my favorite Kobe moment was game 4 against the Mavs in the 2011 playoffs.... It's hard to post a -29 +/-....

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This one

This one

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when he made a drive to the

when he made a drive to the basket with his jersey in his mouth

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Definitely my favorite kobe moment
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Not going to repeat what

Not going to repeat what others have written but in addition I love his love for the game and the work he puts in polar opposite of Vince Carter.

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so tired

sorry but i am so sick of the kobe propaganda,

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His alley-oop pass to Shaq in

His alley-oop pass to Shaq in the WCF in 2000.

Getting a championship on his own in 2009 (with Grizzly great Pau Gasol).

81 points is obviously incredible. But, I didn't watch that on TV.

Getting the Kobe death stare after mentioning his wife while trying to get an autograph. Yeah, we got KOBED.

Other than the Grizzlies (and the Magic with Penny) the Lakers have basically been my team, so they are definitely a team I keep up with.

Next great Kobe moment will be if he passes Kareem for the all-time scoring title. That would be pretty epic.

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My favourite moment was

My favourite moment was seeing Kobe in his first All-Star game at the age of 19. Matched up against MJ for most of the game and just his overall competiveness, creativity and confidence. You could just tell he was going to be a legend.

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