Favorite College Program, Starting 5 and 2nd Unit

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Favorite College Program, Starting 5 and 2nd Unit

Give me your favorite college program and your all-time favorite players while assembling a 1st and 2nd team. One rule is you have to have seen each player play while in college, so if your favorite program is UNC and you never saw Michael Jordan play in college, you can't name him. My favorite team is UConn, and I started following them when Ray Allen was killing it there.

1st team
PG: Kemba Walker
SG: Ben Gordon
SF: Ray Allen
PF: Jeff Adrien
C: Emeka Okafor

2nd team
PG: AJ Price
SG: Rip Hamilton
SF: Jeremy Lamb
PF: Caron Butler, I know he's a sf but I liked him too much to leave him off, he'll get it done
C: Hasheem Thabeet

Notables I left off; Rudy Gay, Charlie V, Khalid El Amin, Marcus Williams, Jake Voskhul, Josh Boone, Hilton Armstrong, Rashad Anderson(he was my guy and a 3pt assassin, just didn't quite make it)

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Ohio State

This is based on college performance, not NBA, right?

1st Team

PG: Scoonie Penn

SG: Michael Redd

SF: Evan Turner

PF: Jared Sullinger

C: Greg Oden

2nd Team

PG: Mike Conley

SG: Brian Brown

SF: David Lighty

PF: Terrence Dials

C: Ken Johnson

Honorable Mentions: Jon Diebler, Brent Darby, Jamar Butler, Ron Lewis

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Providence, we aren't as

Providence, we aren't as illustrious as UConn, but there have been a few nice players to roll in...

1st team

PG Weyinmi Efijuku

SG Marshon Brooks

SF Jamine "Greedy" Peterson

PF Ryan Gomes

C Herbert Hill

2nd team

PG Sharaud Curry

SG Jeff Xavier

SF Duke Mondy

PF Kadeem Batts

C Randall Hanke

Keep in mind im 15, so I have only 5 years or so of seeing players in action.

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1st Team

PG: Gerry McNamara

SG: Eric Devendorf

SF: Carmelo Anthony

PF: Hakim Warrick

C: Arinze Onuaku

2nd Team

PG: Jonny Flynn

SG: Andy Rautins

SF: Demetrius Nichols

PF: Kristof Ongenaet

C: Rick Jackson (really a power forward but he played center a lot last year)

Honorable Mention: Josh Pace, Terrence Roberts, Kris Joseph.

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damn providencefriars1, you

damn providencefriars1, you are only 15 years old. You sound a lot older then what you really are. Keep up the good work.

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Yes, based on college

Yes, based on college performance

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I just took the guys since I

I just took the guys since I can remember them so pretty much the last 10 years...

First Team
G: Travis Diener
G: Dwyane Wade
F: Jimmy Butler
F: Steve Novak
C: Robert Jackson
Second Team
G: Dominic James
G: Jerel McNeal
F: Wes Matthews
F: Lazar Hayward
F Scott Merritt
First Team
G: Devin Harris
G: Kirk Penney
F: Alando Tucker
F: Jon Leuer
F: Mike Wilkinson
Second Team
G: Jordan Taylor
G: Kammron Taylor
F: Marcus Landry
F: Mark Vershaw
C: The Polar Bear - Brian Butch

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This is the only one I can

This is the only one I can think of off the top of my mind.

PG- John Wall

SG- Jodie Meeks

SF- Terence Jones

PF- DeMarcus Cousins

C- Josh Harralsen

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UNC- Based on College

UNC- Based on College Career

Starting 5

PG- Phil Ford

SG- MJ (duh)

SF- Antawn Jamison

PF- Tyler Hansbrough

C- Sam Perkins

2nd String

PG- Ed Cota

SG- Vinsanity

SF- Charlie Scott

PF- James Worthy

C- Eric Montross

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Sorry didn't see all these

Sorry didn't see all these guys play just went on what i thought the all time greatest players of UNC were

From who ive seen:

PG- Ed Cota

SG- Vinsanity

SF- Antawn Jamison

PF- Hansbrough

C- Brenden Haywood

2nd String

PG- Ty Lawson

SG- Joe Forte

SF- Harrison Barnes

PF- Sean May

C- Zeller

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Wake ForestFirst Team:Chris

Wake Forest

First Team:

Chris Paul

Josh Howard

Al-Farouq Aminu

Rodney Rogers

Tim Duncan

2nd Team:

Muggsy Bogues

Jeff Teague/Randolph Childress

James Johnson

Darius Songaila

Eric Williams

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PITT... PG: Carl Krauser SG:


PG: Carl Krauser

SG: Ashton Gibbs

SF: Sam Young

PF: DeJuan Blair

C: Aaron Gray

PG: LeVance Fields

SG: Gilbert Brown

SF: Jerome Lane

PF: Chris Taft

C: Mark Blount

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TEXAS PG-DJ Augistin SG-Avery


PG-DJ Augistin

SG-Avery Bradley

SF-Kevin Durant

PF-Lamarcus Aldridge

C-Tristan Thompson

PG-Myck Kabongo

SG-Corey Joseph

SF-Jordan Hamilton

PF-Damien James

C-Dexter Pittman

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Washington huskies

PG-Isaiah Thomas

SG-Brandon Roy

SF- Detlef Schrempf

PF-Spencer Hawes

C-Todd MacCulloch


PG-Nate Robinson

SG-Terrence Ross

SF-Justin holiday

PF-Mathew Bryan-Amaning

C-John Brokman

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Memphis University pg:

Memphis University

pg: Derrick Rose

sg: Penny Hardaway

sf:Chris Douglas Roberts

pf:Keith Lee

c:William Bedford

2nd Team

pg:Andre Turner

sg:Tyreke Evans

sf:Sly Gray

pf:Cedric Henderson

c:Lorenzen Wright

reserves Elliot Perry,Joey Dorsey

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Ohio State pg: Mike

Ohio State

pg: Mike Conley

sg: Michael Redd

sf: Evan Turner

pf: Jared Sullinger

C: Greg Oden

2nd team

pg: Scoonie Penn

sg: Dequan Cook

sf: David Lighty

pf: Terrance Dials

C: Ken Johnson

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Cleveland State Vikings,

Cleveland State Vikings, first team:

  • Damon Stringer
  • James Madison
  • Omari Westley
  • Sonny Johnson
  • J'Nathan Bullock

Cleveland State Vikings, second team:

  • Norris Cole
  • Jamal Harris
  • Jamal Jackson
  • Theo Dixon
  • Sam Mitchell

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Point Guard U

Arizona, U of A baby. Im gonna have to go 15 deep.

1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team

PG: Mike Bibby , Jason Garner , Salim Stoudamire

SG: Jason Terry , Gilbert Arenas , Jerryd Bayless

SF: Richard Jefferson , Michael Dickerson , Chase Budinger

PF: Derrick Williams , Andre Iguodala , Hassan Adams

C: Channing Frye , Jordan Hill , Loren Woods

I wish I could have seen Damon Stoudamire and Sean Elliot play.

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PG Jason (Jay) Williams

SG JJ Redick

SF Grant Hill

PF Elton Brand

C Christian Laettner


PG Bobby Hurley

SG Johnny Dawkins

SF Shane Battier

PF Danny Ferry

C Shelden Williams

Notables left off: Trajan Langdon, Carlos Boozer, Kyle Singler, Nolan Smith, Tommy Amaker

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@M-DYMES I cant Believe you

@M-DYMES I cant Believe you made an all PITT Team and didnt Include Charles Smith!!!

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Oh Canada

No TJ Ford for Texas? He was a beast in college and good in the NBA before he broke his neck


Pg: Deron Williams

Sg: Kendall Gill

Sf: Nick Anderson

Pf: Red Kerr

C: Brian Cook

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Western Illinois

Pg: Donnie Brandon

Sg: Will Plinkston

Sf: Scott Cully

Pf: Ron Hampton

C: Imbaji Dijuu

CHALLENGE: bet you can't figure out in under 5 mins if these players are real or if I just made them up?

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Michigan PG Tim Hardaway


PG Tim Hardaway jr

SG Jamal Crawford

SF Jalen Rose

PF Juan Howard

C Ekpe Udoh (played there as a freshman and transferred to bailer)


PG Darius Morris

SG Manny Harris

SF Glen Rice

PF Robert "Tractor" Taylor (RIP)

C Chris Webber

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Michigan! First Team: PG:


First Team:

PG: Darius Morris

SG: Manny Harris

SF: Lavell Blanchard

PF: Deshawn Sims

C: Robert Traylor

Second Team:

PG: Daniel Horton

SG: Dion Harris

SF: Louis Bullock

PF: Ekpe Udoh

C: Graham Brown

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Im basing my team on how they

Im basing my team on how they played in college and disregarding their NBA career or how much potential they had

UCLA Bruins

pg-baron davis

sg-arron afflalo

sf-jason kapono

pf-ed obabnon

c-kevin love

earl watson, matt barnes, toby bailey, darren collison, jordan farmar, dijion thompson, reeves nelson

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1st Team: PG- Kemba Walker

SG- Ray Allen

SF- Caron Butler

PF- Jeff Adrien

C- Emeka Okafor

2nd Team PG- A.J. Price

SG- Ben Gordon

SF- Rudy Gay

PF- Charlie Villanueva

C- Hasheem Thabeet

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