Fair or Foul: Spoelstra starting Bosh

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Fair or Foul: Spoelstra starting Bosh

With the injured Rajon Rondo out of this All-Star game, Eric Spoelstra stated he will be starting Chris Bosh, going with a line-up of Wade-James-Anthony-Bosh-Garnett.

Bosh is having a fantastic season but is being overshadowed by LeBron's historic and legendary year. Would Kyrie Irving be a better option?

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Offline's Spoelstra's's Spoelstra's decision andhe's going to go with one of HIS guys, it's just an All-star game.

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Fair but i'd rather see Paul

Fair but i'd rather see Paul George out there.

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Fair but why not start Irving

Fair but why not start Irving at the point

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Cause he is the coach. I'm

Cause he is the coach. I'm okay with Bosh and in the end Kyrie will get enough playing time. Bosh is really playing great this year and is deserving it.

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I'm a Heat fan but Kyrie

I'm a Heat fan but Kyrie deserves it.... Maybe spo figured since Kyrie is gonna be playing in the 'rising star' game..........

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Give it to Kyrie...or hell

Give it to Kyrie...or hell even Jrue Holiday. A point guard went down and another point guard should take his place.

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It's a meaningless game. He

It's a meaningless game. He should start whoever the hell he wants to start.

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Rupaul Bosh is funny

I remember Shaq used to call him Rupaul to his face and he would freak. That's why, IMO, he cut his hair. When he said he was a shoo in for the Hall of Fame I really had to laugh.

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This was incredibly

This was incredibly irrelevant and was very unnecessary to bring up.

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Completely fair. He earned the coaching spot. When you get a free pass to do something to reward your guy, you do it. I mean come on, you could reward a rival or reward your guy, your fans and your organization.

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Fair or foul? How bout

Fair or foul? How bout stupid?

Bosh is averaging 17.7 and 7. That isn't fantastic, that isn't amazing, especially on a team with no other real rebounding guys (Lebron being the best). He was barely an all star, in my opinion, when he got picked for the original 12, I thought Lopez got snubbed. Lopez is averaging more points, has a higher PER, and is getting double teamed every night while Bosh shoots wide open 18 footers. So yeah, Spolestra's the coach, he can do whatever he wants, he can have his big 3 start, eventhough this season its been a big 1. But does it make sense to play a guy with truly pedestrian offensive numbers considering he's playing with LBJ and Wade, and is subpar defensive player, while having to play LBJ at the 2, Melo at the 3, and KG at the 4, instead of starting Irving, whose clearly a better player than Bosh, and fits in the starting lineup much better? Of course not. But its Eric Spolestra, and its his call. Its fair, its just dumb.

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