Ewing JR

What are your thoughts. A min. wage role play might help, doesnt effect cap, Good for Dantoni system, good in open floor.

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good for any team

i think he's a good player (just not like his dad though). he could help out most teams looking for depth in the 3/4 positions. plus he's from a good basketball school so that means he is very coachable. i'm puzzled as to why he didn't look to sign with other teams. maybe he only wanted to play for the knicks?

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If we end up losing Lee then

If we end up losing Lee then I hope the Knicks will give him a shot. Its even just exciting to hear about him. He's a freak athlete and very strong. I think he could be a great defender.

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we should have given him a spot this year but because of money we got Anthony Robertson

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