Even Turner

First player that has a chance to be our Francise player since AI
Lets go i think he will be
Honesty he picked apart college teams playing half hurt
He can do it all

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I don't watch a huge amount of college basketball but i watch enough to get a feel for the top prospects during the season and everybody watches March Madness. With that said i watched almost every Ohio State game that was televised. First off because I like OSU in football so i root for them in basketball too, second off because i became completely enthralled by Evan Turner's game. Maybe it was because OSU wears a red jersey too but it just feels so natural that we wont the second pick and possibly the rights to E.T.

Despite the obvious comparison Brandon Roy after watching E.T. enough i feel that comparison is weak. E.T. plays and reminds me way more of Grant Hill before the injuries. E.T.=Grant Hill.

With that said is it so crazy if we draft Demarcus Cousins instead? There hasn't been a legitimate center come into the league with his Offensive prowess since possibly since Yao Ming. Greg Oden is certainly more athletic but he didn't even have Cousins dominate offensive game. He average 15 points in 23 minutes on a loaded squad. If we would of played somewhere like Texas he would of averaged 22 n 12 n people would of been hard pressed not giving freshman of the year to a center with them stats over a pg. And with that said if we could work a few trades out because we have too anyway. Would M16 and Demarcus Cousins not give us two offensively polished big men down low, with Cousins already provin he can take games over; ask John Wall. Both also have nice athleticism to run the floor and both also have unusually thick bodies to go along with that. And doesn't size win rings?

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Yo idk with this pick man

Its very close. We NEED a franchise play soooo bad.
Honesty i dont think anyone besides Even Turner could do that(i like that Grant Hill)
Dcuz would be a force but we just need that other guy.

Allen Iverson did it with Matumbo
and we either pick the scorer or the big guy
idk what my man Ed Stafanskis going to do but he will make the right move.

Personal preferece is #1 option over the big man core.
Even tho m16 and Dcuz would be great together

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