Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday

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Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday

Great games tonight, Et had 25 11 and 4. Jrue had 21 and 14. Our backcourt is looking great. Cant wait to Bynum gets back. Evan prolly the best rebounding guard in the NBA

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always loved turner's game

always loved turner's game especially dating back to his ncaa days. i hope he can remain consistent for the most part of the season, hes very important for their success this year...iggy is a big role to replace.

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As an Ohio State fan its good

As an Ohio State fan its good to see ET finally breaking out. If Bynums healthy come playoff time the Sixers are going to be the biggest threat out east to Miami.

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I've been saying for the past

I've been saying for the past 2 years I don't care if we only get a bag of chips in return for Iggy, but Iggy must go. Turner can do everything Iggy does on offense but better and he's still developing. Somehow Rod Thorn landed Bynum in return and everything changed.

But with Bynum still out, people are getting to see what Jrue and Evan are capable of by themselves and it's virtually the same kind of team they have been for the last 2 years just with hope for the future because we know Jrue and Evan are going to only get better, as compared to Iggy there was a chance he'd get worse, seriously.

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This team will be scary when

This team will be scary when Bynum comes back.

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Iggy was a great player but

Iggy was a great player but maybe on the wrong team, he is doing well in Denver and Turner has really stepped up, he could be an interesting choice for MIP. When Bynum gets back, Philly will be a very competitive team in the East. The trade could work out well for all parties in due course.

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