Espn's Chad Ford's Mock Draft

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Espn's Chad Ford's Mock Draft

I just wanna start off by saying how the hell did Chad Ford get the job as an NBA draft analyst? Most of his projected picks make no sense for example Tyreke Evans to the kings with the 4th pick? Jrue Holiday to the Knicks? Stephen Curry to the T-Wolves? Has anyone caught the sportscenter draft analysis ever with this guy? He has no clue what hes talkin about... Im a little disappointed with espn because their nfl draft analysis is on point but they have some noob running the nba draft? Let me Know what yall think... I know im not the only one that feels this way..

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I agree

I agree. I don't know what is going through his and Doug Gottlieb's head. They come with just the craziest things. It sure is fun though seeing what they can come up with next. I remember in 2006 when Gottlieb had the Jazz picking Mike Conley Jr. at 14. I personally thought that was a little to high for him.

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What About NBA GMs?

Hey, I don't follow Chad Ford or Gottlieb, but I realize that many NBA GMs don't know what they're doing. For example, every team in the league passed on Paul Milsap in the first round. Are you kidding?

So even if Ford and Gottlieb's analysis is somewhat bizarre, maybe it's because they understand that some NBA GMs are bizzare themselves.

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For an analyst

Its not always about the mock draft, its about analyzing each individual prospect. For example, if Chad Ford says Jrue Holliday is gonna be a superstar and has him picked fourth to the kings, but he really goes say 23 to the Mavericks, you can say "O look he was 19 picks off hes a crappy analyst", but then if Holliday morphes into dwayne Wade, like Ford said can u really call him a bad analyst?

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This draft is actually hard

This draft is actually hard to call because with so many points or combo that have close to the same skill level someone can fall just because a team picked someone else and everyone else has a lock at who they will pick. This draft is not a bad draft there is just so much uncertainty outside of Griffin and it looks like Randolph will get traded. He may not be along because Kaman may get trade too because it looks like Jordan will improve and Camby is solid to play with Griffen. Clippers can trade these players and get some depth.

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