ESPN ranking create your own team

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ESPN ranking create your own team

Alright, while the actual ESPN rankings are IMO very controversial, I thought it would be fun to introduce a game that I have been playing with my friends in NBA 2k12.


1. Create a team using the BEST BALANCED team from ESPN Top 500, with a maximum amount of players being 15, and minimum is 12, the point is to create a really balanced team for ex. not too many ballhogs, no deadbeat defense or offense, less than one ego, etc. Also explaining why your team is the most balanced would make your roster make more sense.

2. The limits are 1 player from 1-10, 1 player from 11-30, 2 players from 31-50, 3 players from 51-100, 5 from 101-200, and the rest from 200. However for the player who's ranking is 1-10, you do not have to choose from that specific range, ex Gordon Hayward over Lebron James, or Brian Scalabrine over Kobe Bryant. Usually my friends and I would then usually draft the players into a 2k12 league and sim the games, but I'm guessing we can just vote on the best team.

Here's my team

PG- Ty Lawson (ranked #64)- extremely quick, perfect P&R an P&P with D12 and Melo

SG- Andre Iguodala (ranked #34)- athletic, young, makes open shots, and lockdown defender

SF- Carmelo Anthony (ranked #12)- sweetshooting, athletic SF, may not play good D, but can easily be hidden with the D of Iguodala on perimeter and Cousins and D12 on inside

PF- Demarcus Cousins (ranked #82)- young, good scorer and rebounder, potential, can be a presence on D sometimes

C- Dwight Howard (ranked #2)- young, bulky, athletic defender with developing post skills, P&R

6- Danilo Gallinari (ranked #68)- sixth man, stretch the floor for D12, good potential, play 3/4

7- Demar Derozan ( ranked #101)- extremely athletic, slasher, developing, play 2/3, exciting

8- Taj Gibson ( ranked #103)- young, hustle player, lengthy, and brings energy every night, good defender

9- Greg Monroe (ranked #132)- huge bigman, play 4/5, lengthy, good passer

10- Kyrie Irving (ranked #140)- young, athletic, true PG, play as combo guard

11- Marvin Williams (ranked #165)- good defender, won't take many shots

12- Evan Turner (ranked #171)- play 1/2/3 makes shots, slasher, good passer

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