ESPN Playoff Odds

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ESPN Playoff Odds

John Hollinger has just released his playoff odds charts what do you guys think about his guesses?

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I'm not sure what to think.

I'm not sure what to think. Does the system just randomly give wins or does it take into account injuries/returns. Alot of things can unpredictably happen over a season so I won't put too much into it.

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I love the fact the lakers

I love the fact the lakers are a borderline playoff team.

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Seems like nonsense.

Seems like nonsense. Hollinger isn't exactly my favorite guy as espn

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I don't get the system at

I don't get the system at all...what is it? "According to my calculations, Steve Nash is going to fix all of the Lakers problems instantly and they are a playoff team".

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Literally the stupidest thing

Literally the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my life. When one of the outcomes has Miami going 34 - 48 you know its useless. It's just a crapshoot.

Oh and I found another good one.. one of the outcomes has San Antonio going 59 - 1 in their remaining 60 games.

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Wow. Dallas and Philly are

Wow. Dallas and Philly are going to be terrible once they get their best players back....

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I dont see how milwaukee has

I dont see how milwaukee has a 30% better chance of making the playoffs than the 76ers who are one place behind them. there is usually 3 teams with 1 or 2 spots open with 2 weeks left that can make the playoffs. I would think the battle for 8th would be a lot closer than that.

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Think of it like this. ESPN

Think of it like this.

ESPN sims the NBA season in 2K13 with roster updates from this point on, 5000 times.

Take the averages and viola!

Its not really 2K13, it a computer that takes all past statistical analysis and future projections, plus minus scores for lineups and whatnot, and projects it.

And all you had to do was click on the link that says, "For more on how the system works and what it means, see Hollinger's explanation."

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