ESPN INSIDER - Needed please!!!

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ESPN INSIDER - Needed please!!!

Please post the rest of this article. Will be greatly appreciated!

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ok but you should just do the

ok but you should just do the 30 day free trial...

If you look around the league, it's not easy to find the perfect trade fit for Toronto's veteran point guard Jose Calderon. As a player in the final year of a deal that pays him $10.56 million this season, you have to figure that any trade partner would likely have to fit the following criteria:
A contending team that's willing to roll the dice on what could be only a few month's worth of Calderon.
A team with an expendable player, preferably a SG, SF or C, who they could offer as a centerpiece in return.

Lets take a look at some possibilities, shall we?

Indiana's Danny Granger is rumored to be on the block. The Pacers have played well without him this season, he's due to earn over $14 million next season, and Paul George's emergence makes him more expendable, but Indy would probably want more than an expiring contract with no guarantees beyond this season.

Utah is another obvious possibility, given the Jazz's gaping hole at point guard with Mo Williams expected to be sidelined through mid-to-late February. The problem is that Utah doesn't have much more than the expiring contracts of Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap (not a fit) to offer in return, unless the Raptors would be up for something like Marvin Williams ($7.5 million player option in 2013-14) and young swingman Alec Burks.

Dallas, Detroit and maybe even a team like Milwaukee could be other options. The Mavericks lack the trade chips, but need help at the point, while the Pistons and Bucks both have pieces to deal but aren't serious contenders.

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I really hate Insider

I really hate Insider articles like that. Don't get me wrong, thanks a lot for bringin it here but I really can't believe people have to pay for information like this. Nearly everyone who follows this season knows that every team and every player mentioned above is in trade discussions on this board for example. When I surf espn almost 50% of the articles there are insider Information. Every game highlight clip is even shorter than the clips and then you have idiots like Skip Bayless flat out hating on people and someone whose sources seem to be everywhere that he can spread his opinion whatever it is that it is a running gag on the internet - LeBrons Hairline knows what I mean.

I'm going to clean my sources and won't follow this site anymore. The article about the 25 Top players under 25 for example was a joke. I'm not really a Fan of John Wall but if you exclude him and throw in someone like Thaddeus Young you have to be crazy.
This is a bunch of idiots running a giant media Plattform.

To return to topic, of the above mentioned trades I don't like any of them unless Milwaukee the trade Calderon for Jennings which won't happen.
Maybe the Lakers decide to do the makeover and will trade for him to get rid of Gasol but I don't see this coming either.

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Espn insider articles is like

Espn insider articles is like a sneak preview of a movie that you thinks is good, but when you go purchase to see it, it's complete sh*t

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It seems many ESPN "insider"

It seems many ESPN "insider" articles, are just people using really metric statistics to support lesser players being better than they actually, like the Thad Young instance you described. Its just silly. Nothing screams "insider" about a regular column, insider columns should have advanced knowledge that have approved sources supporting rumors and allow fans to get a more inside view on subjects. Not is player X Y Z elite?

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