Erick Green vs Nate Wolters

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Erick Green vs Nate Wolters

Green is 6'3 and around 185. Wolters is 6'4 and about 190. Green averaged 25, 4 and 4 while Wolters was around 23, 6 and 5. Besides that, I don't know much about either. Who's the better athlete? Who has the higher IQ? Who will be the better NBA player? I watched some highlight tapes on youtube but naturally those are only full of your best plays. Educate me ....

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I love Walters so i don't

I love Walters so i don't think I can give a fair opinion. I think Walters will be Dragic like but play at a calmer pace..

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Both guys are very gifted

Both guys are very gifted offensively and can score in many ways. Both shot over 50% from 2 and just under 40% from behind the arc. Green will probably be a better defender because of his 6'7" wingspan and his elite speed. It's hard to stop Green in the open court. The thing that really impresses me about him is that playing in the ACC, he was really the only guy on his team that the other teams had to worry too much about. Despite facing constant double teams, he managed to lead the nation in scoring. There's not a lot lacking in his offensive repertoire. If he can get a little stronger and become a better finisher at the rim, he can be a very good bench scorer in the league. Wolters is not as quick, but his offense is equally complete. Like Green, he was the focal point of opposing defenses and still managed to dominate. He is a better passer and rebounder than Green. He has a great basketball IQ which led to his PER of 30.22, 5th best in the nation. I'm giving Wolters a slight edge because he is a pure point guard and doesn't make many mistakes. In my opinion both are late first/early second round prospects.

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I agree with everything you

I agree with everything you said.. Nate was 6th in PER this year, behind Olynyk, Muscala, Mcdermott, Fred Hunter and Dequan Hicks.

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I strongly believe if Wolters

I strongly believe if Wolters goes to a team with a need for a backup PG he could definitely gill that roll and compete for a starters position on a team with bad PG talent. To me he is top 3 underrated in this draft. Reminds me of Grievis Vasquez with a jumpshot.

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Agree with Wolters

I think the kid has a future in the league. Admittedly, the combine hurt him, he only measured a 6'3.75" wingspan (I've seen it claimed at 6'7" before) so he's definitely a mid 2nd rounder at this point. I think he's a steal there, though.

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I don't think the combine

I don't think the combine hurt Nate very much. Wolters is just under 6'5'' in shoes, and looked noticably big against the other prospects. I think even if he has trouble adjusting to the pace of the NBA as a point guard, I think his height will allow him to play more minutes at the 2 guard position to help his transition.

That being said, I think Green is a guy who will be very similar to George Hill. I'd take Green in the 20's and I think he'll eventually be a starter or at the very least a key reserve.

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This time next year we all

This time next year we all are going to be asking the question why didnt Wolters go earlier?

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