Eric Maynor and Larry Sanders

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Eric Maynor and Larry Sanders

Most of us have known about Eric Maynor since he lifted his #11 seed VCU team over Duke in the NCAA tournament a few years ago. Since then he has really turned into a fine player and is one of the top point guards in the country, last night he led VCU to the CAA championship and another NCAA tournament bid. Maynor led the team with 25 points, he also had 3 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 steals. However, Maynor wasn't the big story for VCU. Sophmore forward Larry Sanders scored 18 points while dominating the paint, pulling down 20 rebounds and blocking 7 shots. VCU handled George Mason 71-50 and once again will be looking to make some noise in the NCAA tournament. Maynor is thought of highly as an NBA prospect as seen by his lottery projection here on, what do you guys think about him and fellow teammate Larry Sanders?

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He Needs To Develop. He is Only 205 Lbs, And At 6'9 That's Pretty Frail. Also, He's Only 6'9, But His 7'7 Wingspan Makes Up For Any Lack Of Height. Great Timing On Defense, And He Can Run The Floor Pretty Well. Kind Of An Intriguing Player if You Ask Me.

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Maynor, Sanders

Eric Maynor is one of the best guards in this years draft by far. As a point guard its not much he cant do on the court. Cant wait to see what he does on the next level. As of Larry Sanders this guy has made a big improvement from his freshman year. This kid has a lot of potential and could become one of the most dominate big men in the country in the next two years.

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Eric and Larry

Are we lucky, or what??? To have the best point guard in the land and by far, the "biggest" tall man!!! So what if Maynor weighs less than I do! So what if Larry has the goofiest grin of any playerr on the team. Last night, they were pure magic. I am so fortunate to have been able to watch Eric develop into the player he has become - truly unselfish, forward thinking and intelligent (CAA honors). Now, if we can just get him to gain a little weight.....And Larry - well, hopefully we will have him for 2 more years. Afterall, he's still just a baby - but our, big baby!

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Sanders was definetley a revalation. I hadnt seen VCU play this year until that game and Sanders put on a show. He reminds me of Jarvis Vanardo the first time I saw him play last year. Those two guys are peas in a pod when it comes to their games and they both have solid NBA potential.

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I think we are jumping the

I think we are jumping the gun Larry Sanders has some potential and good size but he needs to stay til his senior year

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Larry Sanders

I think Sanders is a great player, he has great leaping ability, snags every rebound, and blocks shots well, I think he will be more than a serviceable player in the NBA.- J

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sanders is a great player,

sanders is a great player, he has great leaping ability, snags every rebound, and blocks shots well, I think he will be morepire
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