Eric Gordon franchise player?

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Eric Gordon franchise player?

Is Eric Gordon the franchise player that the Hornets will build around? He played an awesome game today against the Jazz and granted he is my favorite player with Paul George in the NBA, but I really think he can be special and on par with Rose and Westbrook.

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Too Early to Know

He's shown flashes for sure, but he hasn't done it enough times for anyone to really know. Rose/Westbrook have done what Gordon did tonight dozens of times. That said, Gordon's been incredible since comming back from injury.

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His injury prone history puts

His injury prone history puts a damper on his "franchise" status in my opinion

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He's a good player with the

He's a good player with the potential to be a franchise type player, but he's definitely got to show more consistency.

I can see a team, possibly NOLA, attempting to build around him as their franchise player, but I don't think he's going to be able to lead his team to be a serious contender, much less a consistent playoff team.

I'd like to see him team up with an allstar caliber post player to see an inside-outside threat, 1A and 1B team

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If the Pacers

can work a sign-and-trade for Granger then we shall see.

*Assuming they re-sign Hibbert

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I really think Indiana throughs him more money than the hornets will give him. The Pacers would then be a top team in the NBA. If Gordan can stay healthy. This is a big gamble for the Pacers.

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hes a restricted free agent this summer

If he resigns this year, hes probably gone next year. Rumor is he wants to go to the Pacers. It makes sense since he's from there and went to college there. But that backcourt of collison, gordon, and paul george is definitely something to build around.

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are a top 3 team in the east as of right now, adding gordan and another PF. banger, type to go along with david west, would compete with the heat and bulls for top dog in the east for many years.

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Not a franchise player, but

Not a franchise player, but close to it. He can score really well, get to the rim, and knock down the three and the jumpshot. He had a 25 point game today, he looks good from the highlights, couple Gordon, a late lotto pick, and a definate top 5 and probably higher pick, their future is bright if they draft well.

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He did look great tonight he basically took the game over with about 4 min. left. He was very impressive tonight.

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Yes in the terms of I think

Yes in the terms of I think he can be the best player or go to guy on a championship/playoff team, but he's still going to need a strong supporting cast, not with that Hornets' roster

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@651TWolves; you mean kinda

@651TWolves; you mean kinda like Blake Griffin? He was in the perfect situation in LA, shame he got traded.

I hope he can stay healthy next season and show the Hornets what he can actually do. Williams is a great coach, they have young pieces and two lottery picks, Indiana would be a great place for him, but if he's patient then New Orleans will be just as good.

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see Monta Ellis

Great scorer can keep you in and even win some games for you. Howver,Im not sure I would put him in that Franchise catagory> Franchise players should strike fear in opponents to a degree and although you definately draw up a defensive schme for him I cant see you losing much sleep. Waaay above average tho, like Monta

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Here's his Hollinger:

+ High-scoring off-guard who draws fouls with powerful bursts to basket.

+ Short but very strong. Good shooter, albeit overrated. Average passer at best.

+ Moves well and competes on defense, but lacks length. Poor rebounder.

Gordon missed 26 games but still firmly planted himself as a rising star by averaging 23.6 points per 40 minutes -- fifth among shooting guards -- and doing so with surprising efficiency. Gordon mostly gets acclaim for his jump shot, but that's misplaced -- it's his ability to get to the line that sets him apart. He ranked eighth among shooting guards in free throw attempts per field goal attempt, and when he wasn't hit he shot 64.8 percent at the rim.

As for his jumper, it's good, but not special -- a low liner that's yielded a career 37.5 percent mark on 3s; last season he shot 38.4 percent on long 2s as well. You don't want to leave him open for it, certainly, and the threat of that shot opens driving lanes for him. But the real damage comes when he uses his powerful build in the paint.

Gordon has really improved at creating for others as well, upping his assist rate and increasingly orchestrating pick-and-rolls to start the offense. His rebounding is still quite poor, especially for somebody so strong, but defensively he's been reasonably solid. All told he's one of the league's brightest young wing players, and it's pretty easy to foresee an All-Star Game or two in his future.

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Gordon stay with the hornets

Gordon stay with the hornets please we have good draft picks coming and we can build from their we might even make the playoffs if you stay please the hornets staff, players, and fans Love you

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Monta Ellis is a great scorer

Monta Ellis is a great scorer but I would not call him a Franchise Player, I'd put Gordon in that category at the moment. The Pacers rumours are interesting and alongside Collinson, he could be electric. A lot could depend on what sort of deal NOH's new owners offer him and who they draft this year, with the two first round picks in the lottery, if Gordon wants silly money they might do an S and T and rebuild with the draftees.

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@TomShoe I thought that was


I thought that was an accurate scouting report on EJ... The only thing I disagreed with was him having a lack of length... He has a 6' 9" wingspan, which is what allows him to play bigger than 6' 3".


IF he can stay healthy, develop a consistent mid-range game and reach max potential as a ball handler and passer, I think he can become a franchise player. It's tough to judge because he hasn't played in "meaningful" games, but the statistics show he's a player who takes his game up a notch during closing moments.

He thinks he's a franchise player. His father does too. So does Rob Pelinka, who's requesting that he be paid like one.

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