Eric Gordon 90% sure he will play next week?

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Eric Gordon 90% sure he will play next week?

Eric Gordon says there is a 90% chance he plays by the end of the month. Where is his career headed? Will he ever stay healthy to be the best shooting guard in the league? He is still only 23 years old but has battled injuries for most of his career.

Is Eric Gordon more talented than James Harden? What kind of players will they both be in 5 years?

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He is a good player, but

He is a good player, but saying him being healthy is the best SG in the league is a stretch.

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Anyone buying those rumors

Anyone buying those rumors that say he's pretending to be hurt,just to get back at the Hornets for resigning him?

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The whole situation involving

The whole situation involving Eric Gordon and the Hornets has been weird on both sides. Some of the details have slowly started to come out, but there's still too many holes to put it all together. I can't see Gordon faking an injury though. He loves playing basketball too much to do that. He has a lot of respect for Monty Williams as well. Reports are that Rob Pelinka and Gordon felt the Hornets lied and said Gordon might need micro-fracture surgery (Gordon got two separate opinions from two different doctors who disagreed) as leverage in contract negotiations and then they tried to use his restricted free-agency status against him. Pelinka didn't like the way the Hornets dealt with his client, which is why Gordon signed the offer with the Suns and made some of the comments he made. Maybe Gordon is taking his time with this injury to get back at them lol. I doubt it, but who knows?

How good Gordon becomes depends on his health. He's a hard worker, but I feel he needs to take taking care of his body to another level. I think he's been playing too heavy. He needs to get back down to around 215 pounds instead of 225 pounds. That'll take some of the pressure off of his knee.

Gordon is still unproven. His best experience was winning a gold medal, but he doesn't have much besides that. He just needs to play and get better.

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