eric bledsoe

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eric bledsoe

0-3 with bledsoe starting in place of chris paul. Hes good, but hes no chris paul. It just shows you what an elite player chris paul is in NBA. Hes not a starter, hes a back up at best. I feel bad for any team that signs him to be a starter.

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We knew he wasn't Chris Paul.

We knew he wasn't Chris Paul. We knew the Clippers would not be the same team without CP3. Bledsoe is still young and still getting better. Right now he is probably best served as a backup but he is a starting PG in this league. He will never be Chris Paul. I think right now he is more in the mold of a Jeff Teague with defense.

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Who ever said he was Chris

Who ever said he was Chris Paul, CP3 is the best point guard in the league and a MVP candidate. But I do think Bledsoe can be a starter but maybe not an all-star.

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0-3? Yeah right troll. You

0-3? Yeah right troll. You forget Bledsoe started in a 99-73 rout IN Memphis. And a 117-109 win IN Houston. OH and a 90-77 win IN Minnesota. Go back to your bridge.

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Plus Bledsoe doesn't have

Plus Bledsoe doesn't have Bledsoe as his back up, CP3 does, insuring 48 minutes of great to good point guard play.

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