Eric Bledsoe 25pts Pre-Season Highlights vs Nuggets

Looks more in control and shot looks like it's coming along.

Could be his break out year.

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it's amazing that even after

it's amazing that even after all of his knee injuries he still the most athletic and fastest player in the league.

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He looks phenomenal, it's

He looks phenomenal, it's unfortunate he's not starting for someone

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The that was a big time

The that was a big time finish he had at the end of regulation. He looks great. Still pre-season, but I really hope he finds playing time this year..

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Dude needs to get traded if

Dude needs to get traded if Chris Paul signs long term. He has star potential to lead a team at the PG position. Hes strong, his shot is getting better and hes lightning quick

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i like him

those are nice plays. he looked like a stud out there.

i love the fluidity and athleticism

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if any1 can find rudy gay's

if any1 can find rudy gay's 27 points post it please

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Saying Eric Bledseo is or

Saying Eric Bledseo is or will be better than his former teammate John Wall isn't far fetch. He's physically gifted and compact kinda like Ty Lawson with more overall tools. He was always a good spot up shooter in college, but now also getting there with off the dibble.

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I'm not sure I'd go that far,

I'm not sure I'd go that far, but I think what he has over Wall is calmness and composure. Bledsoe's got that burst that he can use at any given moment, but he plays at a pace where he never looks like he's in a rush which is great to see for a young PG. Wall OTOH still sometimes plays like his hair is on fire.

In HS Bledsoe looked every bit like a future starting NBA PG. He played with that same poise that you see from him today. In fact, he looked better at running a team than John Wall did in HS, which is why I was a bit surprised to see EB being utilized as the main facilitator as little as he was for Kentucky. I actually think playing SG under Calipari for that one year set him back in terms of development.

I don't think he's a break out candidate this year unless he gets traded though, not with Cp3 and Billups on the team.

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Can't really say Bledsoe will

Can't really say Bledsoe will be better than Wall or he won't, I want to see Bledsoe put together a SOLID season first before I comment on that, with career averages of 5.6 PPG, 2.9 APG, 2.4 RPG he has ALOT of catching up to do to Wall(16,8,4 career averages) and other top young PG's.

But one thing I know for certain his athletic ability is up there with the TOP PG's in the entire league and he def has the potential to be a top PG in the NBA IF he keeps improving like he is.

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The difference between Bledsoe and other young PG's is many of them don't have arguably the best PG in the game playing in front of them. Then there was Mo Will and Billups. But obviously being able to learn from these guys has it's advantages.

Not many people talk much about his defense either. The guy uses his altheticism & IQ to steal and block shots - he is better than so many other young guards on D. I was sold on him during his rookie year - 3 games into the season Baron Davis goes down and he is inserted into the lineup and he filled in very well putting up great numbers. Especially as many people kept saying he was a shooting guard in point guards body.

How many other young guards put blocks on forwards like Lebron and 6'10" Mareese Speights?

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LOL, I was ridiculed when I

LOL, I was ridiculed when I said Bledsoe could be better than Wall after his playoffs performance last season with the Clips how things change. Anyhow, the kid is learning from the best PG in the game in CP3 and from one of the top PG's in the last decade in Billups, now with Crawford on board. if Bledsoe learns JCraw crossover he'll reign with the top PG's in the foreseeable future. The scary thing is he's better at the defensive end of the ball than the offensive side right now once he develops a consistent J he'll be a boss.

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Yes Bledsoe is rediculously

Yes Bledsoe is rediculously talented but you guys are overrating him. He had one of the worst efficiency ratings when asked to run point last year, although he is insanely athletic and a good defender he still has a long ways to go

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