Eric Bledsoe

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Eric Bledsoe

Now Im just as big of fan of his as everyone else and this is not a knock on him by anymeans, But do you think Hes just been at the benefit of a good pg ran system? I know he has so much talent and his ceiling is high but Hes in a system where the ball is always in Chris Pauls hands. When Paul was hurt Bledsoe put up ridiculous numbers filling in for him but lets look back to Chris Paul getting hurt a few years ago in New Orleans. Darren Collison stepped in and put up RIDICULOUS numbers cause he had the ball 80% of the time and in a different system (pacers) his numbers were more realistic. All im getting at is i think Bledsoe has unlimited ceiling but if moved (say to Utah) he wont fit in as well. Offensive structures help different players (example - Earl Clark for LA as a stretch 4, Channing Frye in D'Antonis system)

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Are you seriously saying

Are you seriously saying Vinny Del Negro has a good system right now. I'm done.

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I watch every clipper game

I watch every clipper game and I agree with you that everyone is overrating him like crazy but explain what their system is? It's get the ball in CP3 and Blakes hands and react from there. I really think whoever gives him a big contract will have buyers remorse because he lacks true PG instincts. I think another half year learning under CP3 could really benefit him but I'm not as wild about him as many other people are. That being said he might be the best athlete on the clips and I love his poker face demeanor like D Rose and never get's too high or too low.

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Ya im sorry, mistake

Ya im sorry, mistake describing the "system" i just meant the way they play, Give it to CP3 and let him create. But the ball is 75% in the pgs hands

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Here's my take on Bledsoe: If

Here's my take on Bledsoe: If he's really as good as he's being advertised, than the Clips would NEVER trade him. They know he's getting overhyped and even though he's going to be a really good starter, I don't think he'll be an All-Star type player. This is exactly why the Clips are going to trade him for Millsap tomorrow, getting a legit 16 and 8 guy who's a solid defender, does the nitty gritty things essentially for a 2nd round pick and Caron Butler(a bad contract who's clogging up minutes that should be going to Lamar. Millsap can play the three, I can't wait to see the Clips with Millsap, they'll be deadly with him.

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I'm not really sure what I think of Bledsoe. He's never really played in college or the pros being the primary ball-handler and shot creator for his team, and while his defensive abilities are very good, I'm not sure whether he could keep up that pace on both ends for 34+ minutes a night for a whole season. I think the Clips should make a run through these playoffs with him, and then try and sell if he ends up inflating his value.

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All I know for sure is that

All I know for sure is that Eric Bledsoe is a freak athlete with freakish long arms and a relentless motor so his upside is considerably higher then a guy like Darren Collison. The physical advantage that Eric Bledsoe has over most opponents is similar to what Russel Westbrook has. Bledsoe also despite his height has the ability to play and even start at the SG position if needed. There's a lot to like about him as a player and I do think he's eventually going to blossom into atleast a Kyle Lowry level starting PG.

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I think he could be a border

I think he could be a border line all star playing for the Jazz within the next 2-3 years. He would be able to get plenty of playing time, plus he is definitely a defensive upgrade to anything they have at PG. I would love to see a starting line up of Bledsoe, Burks, Hayward, Favors, and Kanter in a couple of years.

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I hope Blesoe will have

I hope Blesoe will have chance to be a starter maybe in Utah.

But I see the intention of this post. Collison was considered really strong as Pauls backup in NO also but wasn't really a great fit in Indiana nor isn't great in Dallas. I hope Bledsoe will end up better but you never know. I think the reason backups of Paul look always so good is they have a lot of freedom on the court.

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The difference between

The difference between Collison and Bledsoe is Bledsoe is wayyyyy more athletic than Collison is, and he has a higher ceiling so the two really don't compare other than they both backed up CP3 and did good while he was out, I think Bledsoe with the right team can be an border line all-star, his defense is already there, if he can get his offensive game a little more refined and learn how to run a team, he'd be a top PG in this league.

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Would the Clips be willing to

Would the Clips be willing to trade Bledsoe for Terrence Ross? They would be getting an up and coming uber athletic sg who could start for them in the future. Raps get a backup pg for now and a pg for the future. Only thing is this would probably create another pg controversy for Toronto cause the talent level between lowry and bledsoe is pretty close, and also the Raps might not be willing to trade Ross as they are pretty high on him.

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I understand everyone's concern of Eric Bledsoe and i'll be the first to say that yes he still needs more time to learn. However, I know Eric very well and has watched him since he was in the 6th grade. No he didnt play pg in College ONLY because John Wall was on that team and Eric is a better off the ball player and shooter than Wall. But he is a true point guard. At Kentucky was the first and only time he had ever played the 2guard position. I like what he can bring to any team because he can play both guard positions and can also guard both positions. He's no Chris Paul but I dont think it's just they system that allowed him to put up those type of numbers. I'd take him as my pg over guys like Mo Williams, Kyle Lowry, Goran Dragic and other second and 3rd tier starting pgs in the league. He has size, strength, super athleticism, a decent and improving jumpshot, can rebound, push the tempo, and is a great ball handler. I think the only thing he is lacking is his experience. I'd love to see him with the Celtics or Jazz

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Man... You were spot on with

Man... You were spot on with your analysis until you reached the end and questioned wether or not he could flourish in utah.. You're absolutely right about certain systems playing to players strength, and others holding players back. But Utah's offense has always started with the PG position. If Bledsoe were in a jazz uniform come Saturday night he would be running along side one of the most athletic and young teams in the league. If they make this trade, you can assure they will take the time to develop him, and you can bet that the ball will be in his hands for a majority of their possesions. Another bonus is the jazz are still a top 10 team is assist per game, whilst being without a pure point guard. The reason they are doing this is because they have great passing wings in burks and hayward, and their interior passing has improved from year to year. This means the team wouldn't need to depend on him as much as a true distrubuting PG, which he clearly isnt (even though hes not an awful passer), and would bring rebounding and defense out of a guard spot which they have lacked all year. I truly dont see a situation where he wouldn't flourish with the Jazz..

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