Enough ads-ketball

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Enough ads-ketball

The other day, I watched Thunder-Grizzlies. I think it was my first complete NBA game, which is incredible, I know.

Anyway, it was so boring I couldn't believe my eyes. For 48 minutes of actual BB, you "enjoy" almost 3 hours of "show"! There are so many time-outs that it's ridiculous. I've read (on Wikipedia) that there are various compulsory 100-second time-outs. Don't tell me they improve the game. It's about placing more f... ads.

And why quarters instead of halves? It's just one more excuse to stop the game (as if the game wasn't broken enough with the time-outs and the FT) and let us know that Ronald McDonalds created a new 1-dollar menu.

The CEO of one French channel once said that his job was to sell "empty brain time" ("temps de cerveau libre") to Coca-Cola. Today's NBA epitomizes the concept. I know business is business and there is nothing wrong with making money, but this is ri-di-cu-lous.

I don't think I'll watch another game. I've already lost enough time in my life, and my brain is already polluted enough, thanks.

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