Enes Kanter or Derrick Favors?

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Enes Kanter or Derrick Favors?

Which player do you feel has better potential out of the two? Who is a better fit for the Jazz long-term? Kanter looks more comfortable on Offense right now, with his ability to command the ball in the post and score with his back to the basket. Kanter is as strong as an ox and has improved his rebounding and body since his rookie season. Favors is a much better defender, rebounder and shot blocker, at this stage. Both players have improved significantly, I can't decide if I had to choose just one to be on the Jazz for the next decade. I guess I would choose Derrick Favors, b/c at the very least he becomes what Serge Ibaka is to the Thunder, with a higher rebounding rate. Who would who choose and why?


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Why do we have to choose

Why do we have to choose between those two? I say get rid of Al Jefferson and in a year or two they will both play together and hopefully dominate the paint.

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I think they complement each

I think they complement each other's game well. If i had to pick one, i'd take Favors. But its close. Enes has had some good games when he's gotten the minutes so far. And Derrick is having a break out year in the 6th man role.

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i love favors but i think his

i love favors but i think his game has not changed one bit from last year kanter on the other hand is having a break out year. i want utah to keep both players, favors on defence and kanter on offense

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why dont they trade freaking

why dont they trade freaking al jeffferson or paul milsap already! its clear they are not gonna go anywhere so why not give their two most talented players starters minutes and let them develope

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Both Millsap and Jefferson

Both Millsap and Jefferson are in contract year and so if Utah don't intend to renew either or both of them, they need to move them by deadline day as the S and T rules have now changed, otherwise both could walk away and Utah would get nothing in return.

I see it that Utah will look to keep one of Jefferson and Millsap and then run a mainly 3 man big unit with maybe a veteran or a prospect as the 4th guy who could take up the garbage minutes. From a salary point of view, Millsap would probably be cheaper to retain plus has had longer on the team so the franchise perhaps has a stronger bond to him. That said Jefferson is a 20/10 player when he is on form and for a big man of his scoring ability who will turn 28 soon, he'll be a sought after FA commodity.

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The Jazz want to make the

The Jazz want to make the playoffs, and as much upside that is sitting on the bench, Al Jefferson and Millsap are still much better all around players. I think Favors is more ready to step into a major role as a defender, but I think Kanter has more upside as a guy who is more versitle on offense, yet also has the bulk to bang down low.

I really do think Favors can be on of the NBA's best post defenders, but Kanter could be a 20/10 player.

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Great situation in Utah...

I would definitely keep them both movin foward because Favors is great on defense and Kanter is a beast on the boards and has improved his game... Al Jefferson is a great player dont get me wrong.. But he is kind of a liability on defense. Kanter has the size and skill to be a quality Center in the NBA and Favors athletisism would favor him as the starting Power Foward. Paul Millsap could be the sixth man or trade him for some assets...

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I am for keeping milsap,

I am for keeping milsap, favors, and kanter. Milsap has an outside game and he can play SF ocasionally. He could start then bring kanter or favors off the bench. That is a really good big man rotation. I would trade jefferson this year for a young point gaurd preferably if not a young wing player.

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to answer the question

to answer the question between favors or kanter..i would take favors hands down

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trade Milsap, keep Jefferson, Kanter and Favors

They have the size it takes to dominate teams inside

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I'd take Kanter because he

I'd take Kanter because he has the potential to become a dominant offensive post player who will command double teams. Kanter's offensive skill set is just rarer then Favors athletic defensive style of play. It's not often that centers come along as strong as Kanter with a skill set that could turn him into a 20 point scorer from the post.

At the very worse Kanter will develop into a better rebounding and more athletic version of Nik Pekovic but I think Kanter's ceiling is considerably higher.

Favors also has a high ceiling but seems to be lacking the refined skill set to become a go to guy in the post.

Utah needs to make they're mind up. They should look at the Sixers situation with Holiday and Turner playing behind Iggy and Lou Williams. After Philly let Lou walk and traded Iggy, Holiday and Turner are finally both breaking out making people in this city wonder how much further they would be along by now had Philly traded Iggy the second they drafted Turner.

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They need to make a move soon

They need to make a move soon and I think since Jefferson has been working with the young bigs they need move Milsap. They can get some really solid pieces for him and still have a 3 big man core

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With the way team rosters are

With the way team rosters are composed I think teams need more versatility in the front court. Kanter, Favors and Jefferson are all paint players. They need someone in the frontcourt who can be effective away from the paint to give the other big more room to operate. They also need a player who can defend the quicker, more athletic face up bigs who like to play in space.
Given all those factors, plus the fact that Kanter, Favors and Al Jeff's best position is C, I think Millsap would be the easy choice to keep should they go that route. On top of that Millsap has all the intangibles that Al Jeff lacks.

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Anytime I see his name I always wonder how good he could have been right now if he had D.Cousins minutes and freedom from day one. Its all speculation but hes improvement seems to have been somewhat stiffled. Learning from jefferson is nice and all that but nothing beats game comp. Hed at worst be on par with 'the good' version of J. McGhee I think.

Id take Kantner at this stage because I feel his growing faster as a player right now i I had to pick.

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