enes kanter interview

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enes kanter interview

Now before you read, this was posted on realgm by a poster that says they are from Turkey and who tried his best to translate it. so i dont have a link to the official interview

Q: Enes, welcome to İstanbul. You came for a little time and you didn’t notice anyone that you’re coming.
A: Thank you. I came for 10 days. I miss my family and my friends so much, came to spend time with them and rest. School and workouts are waiting me when i go back. I will participate Amare’s and Lebron’s training camps.

Q: Why did you choose USA although you received offers from your club Fenerbahçe and some European clubs?
A: I decided to go USA after the European Championship. I received offers but they couldn’t dissuade me from my dreams. The only dream I have was playing in USA when i started to play basketball and I just never thought being a professional in Europe. I was out of basketball for 5 months and had a knee injury when the first chance came. I became healthy after the national team process, I did not want to throw away a second opportunity and went to USA.

Q: It is known that your club offered you a very special proposal. Is it normal that a 17 year old player rejected it?
A: I rejected it for my goals. GM Mahmut Uslu offered me a 5 year contract and said that “I want you to stay in Fenerbahçe.” But it was a long process and I wasn’t thinking about money. They care about their own club, but i had to care about myself. I wouldn’t go to USA after signing it.

Q: Did you have a chance to talk with managers from Fenerbahçe after that?
A: I met with Mahmut Uslu at stadium. When we were talking about going to USA, he gave a paper to me. 40-50 names were written on it. When i was trying to understand what was going on, he exactly said to me: “Players went to USA from Turkey whose names is written on this paper. Look, which one of them became a player in USA?” I did not answer because of my respect. It was a very wrong behaviour to me. Because in that list, there are also names of people who went USA a little time ago(Doğuş Balbay and Deniz Kılıçlı). Those names haven’t finished their schools yet, so they have long years in their future. It was so wrong to say that “They couldn’t be basketball player.” in a short time.

Q: You had to change your school a few times when you went to USA. It is said that “Enes couldn’t find a school, he returns.” By the newspapers. What happened?
A: I went there after I graduated from Doğa College.Findlay Prep. And Mountain State didn’t accept me. I couldn’t play in high school league because i had done high school and it was early for college. I went to Prep School to cover my one year loss.

Q: How can you describe the league you’re playing in?
A: It is a league that includes players who don’t feel ready enough for college. It is not like high school league, games are lower level than high school. We play 2 matches in a week, sometimes we play 2 matches in a day.

Q: So your last season was very easy. Can we say that your last year was a waste of time? What can that league make contribution for you?
A: It didn’t improve my game, I am aware of this but I worked on my weaknesses. I never played as PF and C in league. I played as a SF and worked on the attributes of this position. Thus I spent time on my shooting and one on ones. I saw that I can dribble the ball when I take pass far from rim. I can do these easily in that league but NCAA isn’t easy. I know that and I will get ready this summer.

Q: Do you believe that you can play as forward?
A: I never wanted to be center. I love playing as a Small Forward. And I believe that I can do it if I work hard. Calipari believes that too and he promised me. Because he thinks that I have SF ability and he tells me that he will play me as SF in college.

Q: When you were going to USA, you wanted to play for Texas or North Carolina. You committed Washington but you deal with Kentucky with a u-turn. Why?
A: I dealed with Washington University firstly, because my coach(Jordan Brand camp) was assistant coach of that school and I like him. When I heard that they were interested in me, I started to follow their matches and I commit to them. One day, I watched a match of Kentucky. I liked Calipari’s energy during the match. His control, behaviours, effect impressed me. I heard Kentucky was interested in me too.My coach invited Calipari to our training. He flew with his special plane and came to Los Angeles. I couldn’t believe that he came for just me in his intense study. We were shooting when he came to watch training. He watched me for 5 minutes and then he was gone. First I was surprised, after I asked my coach “Why he left so quickly?”. He answered me “He likes you and wants you in his team.” Then they made a proposal for me. I visited Kentucky after 4-5 days. They showed great interest in me, I saw my posters in whole city. “We are waiting for Enes, we love Enes.” Was written in pancartes. When I went to watch their matches, fans cheered that “We need you Enes.”. Then we spoke with Calipari and dealed.

Q: You said that you were going to USA for education. But in American sites, it is known that you are entering the 2011 draft in your first year in school.
A: I will enter the draft if I have a great season. I don’t decide yet, I am waiting my best time. We talk this situation with Calipari and he said “If you play well in your first season, don’t think for a second, go on your way.” I will try to graduate with summer schools. Kevin Durant does this, he goes to Texas for summer school.

Q: What’s your favourite team?
A: I just want to play in NBA, it doesn’t matter. But if Chicago Bulls picks me, it will be pretty amazing. I really like Chicago and seperate them from other teams.

Q: You did an amazing job in Nike Hoop Summit and although you were injured, you beat Nowitzki’s 12-year record. What are your thoughts about this organization?
A: I had a back injury so I didn’t start the match. American bigs were too hard for Dejan Musli, so I came in. I had really good game with my teammates’ help and scored 34 points. I didn’t know anything about Nowitzki’s record. If I knew, probably my hands would pulsate with excitement and I wouldn’t break the record. It made me so happy, Turkish flags were waving and I was called “Istanbull.” It was a big honour for me and my country.

Q: Do you believe you’re representing Turkey well in USA?
A: Not yet. I will represent better. Like Argentina-Ginobili, Pau Gasol-Spain, if someone says Turkey, Enes Kanter will come people’s minds.

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He seems like a solid guy.

He seems like a solid guy. Very straightforward, honest answers. Comfident in his abilities but with a desire to improve. Seems very motivated but self assured.

He sounds like he has the mental makeup to do an early jump from college to the pros lets see if he has the physical ability...

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