Elton Brand?

i think that with memphis playing a half-court set, which they have the players to do so.., bringing in a solid post guy like brand would pay huge. i think the asking price wouldnt be real cheap but resaonable. he didnt ever look comfortable in philly before or after the injury. philly needs to be more fast paced and e-b is not at all. throw warrick(who is too underused), the 25th pick and a throw in guy and i think philly would do it. warrick can get up the floor with iggy and thad and sweet lou. and brand would be that go to guy that memphis needs down the stretch. oj and rudy are both going to be great and gasol is solid but hes too inconsistent. just a thought that would help both teams!

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27th pick, not 25

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I love Elton Brand as a

I love Elton Brand as a player, but hes a half court and not a full court player. His numbers when he played with the Clippers were actually better from the 5 then they were from the 4. If we could do a trade of Milicic, Bucker, Conley, and the 27 for Brand and L.Williams I'd say let's get it done. Conley is not the point guard of the future and Lou Williams in my mind is a rising star.

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Sounds like a great idea if you are not a Grizz fan.

Elton Brand is not going to be traded anywhere. The sad thing is Philadelphia could have just waited a year and signed Rasheed Wallace, Hedo Turkoglu, Carlos Boozer or Shawn Marion. Maybe Brand will have a better year next year.

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