Ellington vs. Meeks

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Ellington vs. Meeks

I see Meeks as a bit more consistent than Ellington. Ellington played on a stacked team so that could have helped or hindered him but I take Meeks by a nose.

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Meeks is my sleeper in this draft if he goes 55 like they are projecting, I would fire my GM. This kid scores a lot of points all the time within the flow of the game. He does not force his offense like most young scorers do. He does not take too many shots either. He plays within the team concept and scores 26-28 every night not even needing 18 shots to do it. There is going to be some big mistakes in this draft, and someones getting fired for this miss, and they should.

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It depends now..

I think the argument between the two now would depend on which team they would be drafted. The other might be given the chance to play and develop and while the other one might be just benched.

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Its a draw

They both are going to be shooters more than anything else when they're in the NBA, they both dont handle the ball all that well, but when they do they do a great job of taking 1 or 2 dribbles to get where they want to be and pick their spots good. They both arent going to be good defenders and they have all the same physical tools (around the same height, weight, and length) they also are about the same athletically.

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Ellington's better, But

Ellington's better, But Meeks could be a possible steal.

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both are underrated

I think Meeks will be early second. He is one of those types that Im not sure why all the bad talk. He isn't that small, only slightly undersized at the 2, and is a decent athlete, very prolific, and good defender. I think Ellington is a pretty sure bet to be at least a solid player. The one thing that he really has going for him that nobody can take away is he is a terrific shooter, and not just from 3, or from one hotspot like alot of college players which spikes thier percentages because they always shoot from the same spot in thier sets. He can make it from anywhere, and has legit 2 guard size. He isn't a defensive standout but is about average I would say.He is a CHAMPION, tournament MOP. I would say at the worst he is a Dequan Cook type, but I really think he will get up to a level close to Rip Hamilton because they have almost identical measurables and game styles. An extremely boring to watch, but effective style of mid range basketball.

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Ok, swap them...

Ok, swap them... Could Ellington avg almost 24 ppg on last years UK team? Could Meeks have filled it up on a loaded UNC team. I see them as pretty equal, but Meeks can create his own shot. Ellington cannot.

I give the edge to Meeks.

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