Ed Davis

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Ed Davis

Kids stock is blowwwing up, maybe fastest in the tournament. LA times article has him as 4th best available player, regardless of likelihood to come out. This site has him number 3 for 2010. Anybody think he will leave? I watch every carolina game, im a big fan and I love the kid, but Im not seeing anything about his game that suggests he is pro ready. He can't really handle the ball that well, is a little thin, and I havent seen him shoot it farther than 10 feet away from the basket. Where do ya'll see him going if he left this year? A stock, if its all in caps ima freakin flag you were all sick of it.

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Wow, I didn't even realize

Wow, I didn't even realize how fast he has gone up. I am a huge fan of Davis also and I agree he needs to stay for another year at least to develop. I love that scouts are high on him though.

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Needs another year for sure right now he's just a raw athlete who can run the floor, dunk the ball and block some shots.

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dont see the hype

I'm a duke fan and Ed Davis has done some pretty mean things to us in the paint. But right now? Product of UNC hype. He is a 6-9 PF who is listed at what 215-220? He needs to be at least 240. He has great explosiveness around the basket and blocks shots like Ben Wallace, but he just seems slow-footed to me. If he sticks around to pack on some solid muscle and work on post moves (he also needs a jump shot, not much of one but enough to open up his game).

I think he is vastly overrated right now, but there is zero denying he has the tools to be a solid defensive PF in the league. If maybe you could combine Ben Wallace's defense with...well any offense at all would be a good player.

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Is most certainly a year

Is most certainly a year away, but his potential is limitless as a shutdown PF in the NBA. In addition to his long arms, his leaping ability is lightening quick. He barely bends his knees when he jumps and he is at the top of the square. He rebounds at an outstanding rate for UNC. He is also a great passer. Why Deon Thompson starts over him is beyond me, but Roy Williams is finally playing him more than Thompson.

That being said though, his offensive game is extremely raw. He has good footwork, but needs more moves than his baby hook and needs to work on his ball handling a lot. As it has already been stated probably needs 20 more lbs. of muscle. It is scary to think of him with 20 lbs. of muscle and even just 1 more post move. I expect him to come back to UNC and average a double double with a ton of blocked shots and find himself in the top 10 if not top 5.

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Dickie V said

Ah potential, potential, potential baby. I agree he's raw, but has a nice frame and athletic ability to be a force, oh and of course potential.

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1 mo

1 more year will really do this kid good. ima duke fan and me personally id love 2 see him leave this year but as a ball fan the rite thing 4 him would be to stay another year to refine some skills

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I AGREE HE DOES SEEM SLOW...haha messin but yeah he does seem slow, he doesnt really look skinny but I can see how he is, afterall he does wear a shirt. We'll see if hes 6 8 or not, I know he was listed at that. Super long, explosive, quick off of his feet. I doubt he'll ever be a major offensive threat. But he can grab boards and block shots. Be smart to stay because next year he'll be able to get alot more time in the post since Hansbrough is leaving. Work on some post moves. At the next level he won't be able to camp out in the lane entirely, defensive three seconds.

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big mistake

He would get picked in the mid first round or the late lottery if he came out this year based off of long term potential (like a travis outlaw) alone. He would suffer because he has little to no basketball skills...he would be a menace in the league after this sophomore or junior year though.

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he may become solid in the

he may become solid in the pros but I dont see anything too special. Im seeing another tarheel Wright when I watch him

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