Eastern Conference Playoffs

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Eastern Conference Playoffs

I was just looking at the standings of the Eastern Conference teams and then I noticed something. I noticed that in the top 10 teams in the East, 5 of them were in the Atlantic Division. Then I looked at it closer and saw that there is a possibility that all 5 Atlantic Division teams could make the playoffs, and it may look more likely after the trade deadline is over. Here are some thoughts I had:
- Brooklyn and New York are pretty much locks for playoffs
- Boston is still playing good without Rondo and may upgrade at the trade deadline, if they break the team up (trade KG and/or Pierce) they may drop out
- Philadelphia is around 3 games out of 8th and will be much better whenever Bynum starts playing
- Toronto is playing very well with Gay in the lineup and could become even better if they do the Bargnani for Boozer swap which could result in a surge into playoffs
- Atlanta could fade out if they suffer any more injuries or trade Smith for young pieces/picks
- Milwaukee could also fade out if they trade Jennings and/or Ellis

What do you think the odds of all 5 Atlantic Division teams making it?
Has this ever happened in a different Division?

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