Earl Clark or Damion James?

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Earl Clark or Damion James?

Who is the better NBA prospect??

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earl clark

Earl Clark.. i think hes more of a versatile player. hes kinda like a Trevor Ariza. I've read that he could be a 2, 3 or a 4 at the next level (i think more of a 3 personality).

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Clark. I think this guy can

Clark. I think this guy can become somewhere between al thorton and lebron james. Thats VERY lofty but if he maxmizes his potential i think its possible. Damien James is a Josh Howard at best which isnt bad

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To me, looking at both of these players, James is the safer (but also potentially not as good) pro prospect. Something about Earl Clark just strikes me as not necessarily bust bound but...mediocre i think is the word I'm looking for but he could also, with that skill set, turn out to be a star.

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Earl Clark is going to be very good

But I have to say that both guys have a bust factor to them. James needs to work on his skills a little more but he is tough, but for him to play the three on the next level his ball handling will need some work. Earl Clark reminds me of the guy that played for Golden State some years ago(the guy played at syracuse) that got traded for M.Richmond sorry I am having a brain freeze for some reason I can't remember his name. but what I am saying he was said to be that same kind of 2,3,4 position guy and he didn't pan out the way people expected. Both guys will probably be decent starter caliber players eventually just don't see a star between them. If I had to pick one I would have say Clark, I would like to see him play the three more often on the college level though.

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both need to practice shooting as they are shaky for wing players. both are strong guys.
i like Clarks passing, i think he can be a Boris Diaw type..

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Hey los507

I am here to unlock that brain freeze. The guy that you are thinking about is Billy Owens. I like Clark better because he's a couple of inches taller and has a lot more length and skill than James. He struggles finishing inside and I couldn't figure out why until an NBA scout pointed out that he has small hands. James is better inside but his skill level leaves a lot to be desired. I think that James is the more likely of the two to maximize his potential because I think he will work at it. I don't know if Earl Cark has the desire to be great. I just dont see that killer in him.

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James is an undersized PF

James is an undersized PF but Clark is a big, skilled SF. No question its Clark.

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I would have to go with Clark here based on versatility and potential. James is good and very athletic. They both will be picked based on potential but Clark has more skills already.

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Im thinking

I think i would take James. Over the last couple of years....draft people have rated big men with passing abilities to high

and all we have to look at in the NBA is Odom and Diaw


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This shouldnt even be a debate. Anyone who says James is absurd. Clark is a Lottery Pick with the potential to be on the the top 2 or 3 players in the draft. James is borderline 1st round and like someone said earlier in this thread, he plays like an undersized PF. Or at least thats what it will translate to in the NBA.

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Earl has the ability to

Earl has the ability to become a superstar. It is all up to him how good he becomes. He is 6'10" 230 lbs with some of the longest arms I have seen and he can do it all on the court.

IMO if he has his mind right he can become the best player in this draft. He has all of the tools imaginable

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Clark has the talent to be a top 20 SF, but I question his IQ. That's why he will be drafted 5 spots lower that his skill level suggests.

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both of these guys are good

both of these guys are good players with the potential to be great players...clark is the obvious pick he is bigger and more skilled than james but you also have to look at this way which will adapt to that level of skill faster, who truely has the drive...i agree with jpowers james is more likely to maximize his potential...the kid has what it takes but just may not be his time

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