Dwight Powell

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Dwight Powell

6'10'', decent athlete, smooth shooting mechanics, good IQ, solid rebounder. Very much on the skinny side, struggles against bigger, more physical competition. Plays for Stanford, therefore in the Ivy League, plays against lesser oposition. Is a junior, so upside may not be as great in some scouts eyes. Runs breaks well, can finish, but struggles at times. Quick first step, can utilise a few dribbles to get to his spot on the floor, but not much more then a couple.
NBA Comparison: Channing Frye/Chris Bosh

I think he will be able to carve a niche out in the league as a stretch 4 who can finish. I think he is ceiling is a starter on an average team, or a role player on a contender. I fear he may end up busting the way Tyrus Thomas and Anthony Randolph ended up doing, athletic 4's who had decent touch, but were knuckle heads. I think both Thomas and Randolph are better defenders, and had much better potential, so i dont think Dwight will get picked nearly as high as them, unless he returns for a monster year next year, and even then I think his max pick range is 10-15 next year. If he declares this year, what team do you think should take a shot at him, and what kind of pick range do you think he falls to?

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I'm pretty sure Stanford is in the PAC 12

Just sayin

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Dwight is a solid player but

Dwight is a solid player but most likely will never be more then a first big off the bench, but who knows with how the NBA is turning into more of a up tempo hybrid forward type league though. But to clarify Stanford is in the PAC-12 and he plays against decent competition night in and out although it may not always be NBA caliber. My biggest concern with his game is the fact that he has a tendency to fade out of games for long stretches

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I'm a huge believer in

I'm a huge believer in powell's pro potential. He's always had a unique skill set at 6-10 where he could face up and use his athleticism. But he was also soft. Well this season he added some muscle and really improved his aggression around the paint. Still not a real physical 4 man, but he does band well enough now that he wont get exposed down low. He averaged 15 and 8 for Stanford and scored double figures in every conference game this season. If he comes out this year, I think he is top 20. I think he is the second best pro prospect in the PAC 12 and I'm surprised he isn't getting more hype.

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