Dwight Howard

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Dwight Howard

I think this is going to be a big offensive breakout year for Howard. He's been working all summer with Hakeem Olajuwon and with Miami in their division he's going to need to be dominant down low, because the magic won't win on the outside against wade and James.
Anyone else think he'll average over 22ppg this year? To me the big issue is going to be his confidence. I don't doubt that he has the skill to score consistently, but he's been hesitant in past years to go after his own points. Opinions?

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I like Howard, but people say

I like Howard, but people say this every summer, but he never really improves his offensive game. After 6 years in the league you gotta start to wonder if he's ever going to develop good post moves, a jumper, the ability to pass out of the post, ect.

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Ywah he has the potential and

Ywah he has the potential and he's getting older and if aint got by now he may never get it but i hope he does patrick ewing has been teaching now hakeem olujawon is thats two of the best to ever play the position if they cant help i dont know who can but I see his points increasing this year though.

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Imagine Dwight mastering the

Imagine Dwight mastering the Dream Shake. He would be unstoppable

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Lol! thank you!! ppl always

Lol! thank you!! ppl always talk about d12 in the term "if" if he had a go to post move, what if he had mastered this....etc
like fastdan says 6 years into the league, time is running out if he hasnt gotten an offensive game

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I think he could improve his

I think he could improve his post game this season- He could post 23-25 points next season.

The thing with this is Howard needs a bigger PG. I like Nelson but I think they should look for a bigger PG who can see over defenders. JMO

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"Imagine Dwight mastering the Dream Shake. He would be unstoppable"

The Dream Shake is just a series of moves to set up a finesse shot eg a jump shot.

The key 2 score is versatility, Dwight needs to be more versatile

D12 is already a face up center but he lacks the jump shot

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the Dream was a finesse center who could hit jumpers and his guards always fed him in transition.

I dont think Orlando is built to run ala Cleveland with Lebron, They just surround Dwight and feed him in the halfcourt

in hopes of drawing double teams for other players to score.
Also J-Smoove & Kobe learned the Dream Shake last year

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Forget that Howard needs a

Forget that Howard needs a bigger pg, he needs a better playmaker period. Nelson's height doesn't have too much to do with. CP3 is probably 5'11 flat footed and is one of the best playermakers in the game. Dwight only got about 10 touches last year which isn't enough at all for a superstar center and franchise player. With that being said, he gets a lot of garbage points and he can average 18-20 with the very little plays he gets ran though him. He could average about 25 if he got around 15 touches. If he gets about 67-70%, he would score even more. He just needs to get some confidence in his game which would let his team mates trust him more (and coach), improve his offense, and the magic need better playmaker. It's a little bit of all that.

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after watching that video,

after watching that video, the dream still got the moves lol. I bet he would fair better than half the centers in the league right now even with his age lol.

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Dead on that he needs touches

Steriod is dead on, they ignore that fella.

The thing people forget about Dwight is how high cut his frame is. His shoulders are so wide, he doesn't really have any balance or agility. He is completely straight line in his movements. I dont see him ever having "moves" like some of the greats, but he is stronger and more athletic than say a Ewing. One thing he really needs to work on is free throws and a jumper out to 17 feet. His line drives would be more effective if he could threaten a jumper.

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@canesboy6 said
"His line drives would be more effective if he could threaten a jumper."

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Hakeem is an incredible big

Hakeem is an incredible big man coach. It's not like Jsmoove is a great post player or anything but after working with Hakeem last summer Smoove's post moves and touch inside improved drastically. Josh was able to learn how to use his quickness and athleticism advantage to finish. I mean some of it has to do with Josh shooting less 3's but he shot over 50% from the field last year which is all you could ask from your big man. I think Dwight will improve some but still his strength will be powering down guys and slamming it or getting to the line and knocking down half. Dwight really lacks to the touch to ever become a top offensive threat but it's ok since he's an elite rebounder, shot blocker, and really can out muscle anyone in the league. I definitely see him improving on his 18.3 ppg from last year, but I think more in the 20 ppg range.

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If he really had the

If he really had the confidence and just a 15 foot jumper, he could dominate and average 25-27 easily. That won't happen due to his offset nature and demeanor. It's a good sign to see him working with Hakeem though, I like that, maybe he can develop a jumper of some sorts.

Given the touches he gets, which should go up a little next year, he should get anywhere from 20 to 22 a night. The sky's the limit for him still, but it's going away year by year.

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dwight displays some nice

dwight displays some nice post moves at times during the season..but he doesnt do it on a consistent basis...i would lov to see him work more on his passing..

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Some of it is on the

Some of it is on the coaching, I mean really Howard was not that terrible shooting 15 footers in high school that he should not be able to do it now. Also they don't give the ball to Howard a lot some games.
They treat him as if he is just one piece and if you have a dominate guy you have to sometimes feed them and not see all players as equal because that is not the case.Howard could average 30 points a game if he got his touches and had a better point guard to get him easy buckets. Also how many move does Howard really need. His foot worth is not terrible and he is very athletic and he tends to shoot a good percent inside. I thought he biggest problem passing out of double triple teams which he is improving on and counter moves. He has enough moves with his raw abilities to do some things but he doesn't seem to have a solid counter move when defense take away his initial move. If Hakeem helps him with that, it will be scary. Shaq dominated early on in his life without too many post moves yet he had Penny to get him the ball and he got a lot of touches.

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Do wonder

The Dream IS good but Ewing wasn't bad at all he got moves also it's just a matter of doin it and I don't see him doing it it was always shoot and Dwight would get the put backs even with Lewis a heck of a shooter can't even give this guy a shot... But aside from the minuses atleast he was trying last season he took some 15 footers and I was like woah he shot the ball and didn't he make a three?

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Good for him "The Dream" is

Good for him "The Dream" is the perfect person to work with, not sure Dwight has the feel or the foot work to truly master the post game, but I feel this will help. Here's my question though what in the world made him wait 6 years? If I was a young big he'd be the first person I try and get in touch with.

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Dwight doesnt have the touch

Dwight doesnt have the touch on his jumphot like the dream did and i agree he needs more touches this team is a jump shooting tema and sometimes they forget about dwight in the post he looks bored out there at times. He really needs to practice on that jumpshot i know its hard to change your jumpshot especially since thats the way hes been shooting forever but his form is not good at all which could be the reason he cant hit shots consistenty.

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About the only thing Dwight Howard will continue to develop is another disappointing exit out of the playoffs.

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It took Howard 5-6 years to

It took Howard 5-6 years to become the most dominant defensive presence we have in the NBA. People seem to forget that. Now he has alot more time to work on his offensive game and remember he is still 23. And although he has no jumper or no go to post move he still gets 20ppg with the highest FG%.

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agreed. he needs a pg to get

agreed. he needs a pg to get him the ball more and set him up more like cp3 did with tyson chandler

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