Dwight Howard 2 intriguing trades

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Dwight Howard 2 intriguing trades

My first posts on forums.

Being that I believe Dwight Howard will want the max money and in the case he forces LAL to trade. I can think of 2 interesting trades for both teams.

I have a couple of interesting trades that could work for both teams.

Trade 1
LAL to get:
Omar Asik
Chandler Parsons
Thomas Robinson
Patrick Beverly or Aaron Brooks (to match salaries)

Benefit: Lakers get younger, more athletic, more shooting from Chandler Parsons along with a good solid defender and scorer . A solid prospect in Thomas Robinson. Asik while he close to the basket, doesn't look to post up and typically crashes the boards from mid range. This will allow Pau gasol to play more in the post.

Houston to get:
Dwight Howard via Sign & Trade
Houston gets the center they want to score rebound and defend. They will have good shooters around Howard and a allstar wing in James harden.


Trade #2

Lakers get:
David Lee
Harrison Barnes
A couple of 2nd round or a 1st rounder.

Lakers get younger and more athletic, lee is good in the post or out of it, which will allow Gasol to be flexible. Fixes any reboudning issues that the lakers have. Barnes is athletic and can learn from Kobe and will provide youth and shooting. Both can step in and have an impact. Getting a couple of picks will help because of all the picks given away in the Steve Nash trade.

Golden State gets:
Dwight Howard via Sign & Trade

Golden state has excellent back court that can shoot and create shots in Thompson and Curry and Jack. You can not leave them or they will destroy you from the 3 point line. Howard can pound people inside. The transition game will be great since Howard should be healthy enough to run with the kids from Golden State. You have good insurance in Andrew Bogut, who can come off the bench or play the 4 when playing bigger teams like, SA, Indiana, Memphis and Landry can start against smaller teams. Also this would allow bogut to play closer to 25 min a game versus 35 and should help him stay away from the injury bug. This trade would give them great versatility on offense and defense and make them fairly strong competition moving forward.

Let me know your thoughts!

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