Dwayne Wade vs. Lebron James

If Dwayne Wade ends up with more championships would he be considered a better player than Lebron? better career?

Career 548 40.3 5415-11403 .475 771-2344 .329 3650-4917 .742 1.2 5.8 7.0 1.74 .88 3.29 1.95 7.0 27.8

Career 471 37.6 4184-8678 .482 246-851 .289 3353-4352 .770 1.3 3.6 4.9 1.83 .98 3.71 2.55 6.6 25.4

the first one is Lebron, the second one is DWade

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If LeBron wins none maybe.

If LeBron wins none maybe.

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Lebron is the most talented

Lebron is the most talented basketball player ever, their are things he can do on the court that even dwanye wade, jordan kobe etc cant do. If Lebron say doesnt win any championships hes still going to murder almost every offensive record out their and will put up other worldly numbers once he retires so i think his place in history is already secure and yeah id still consider his career better then dwayne wades if they both stay the way it is. Jordan and Kobe will say have the better NBA careers based on their champion ships becuz i dont see lebron getting 5-6 championships in his career but for me if he won like 3 he'd be right up their on my list becuz seriously just watch a game and you will witness that you are watching a once in a lifetime player in the making. Wade has the championship, but is older and has had plenty injuries allready it might not affect him not but latter towards the end of his career with out that explosiveness he wont be the same player but if he won one more ship would elevate him greatly on my list becuz he makes plays no matter whos on the court and the finals against the mavericks was one of my favourite finals in the past couple years, he willed that team

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