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duke has potentially eight players that i can see in an nba uniform in the near future. gerald henderson may not be the best "college" player, but he well definitely be best pro out of bunch. he makes strong drives to the hoop and packs a tight mid-range game which is essential for success in the league. he has put together a nice string of games after a lousy and will be a lottery pick after this year if he continues to put up the type of numbers he's putting up lately. kyle singler will be a better pro than people think; he is more athletic than he looks and is very versatile offensively for a player his size at 6-8. he will probably be a lottery pick in 2010 and could potentially be a sleeper this year. singler will be a solid starter in the league for years to come. nolan smith is crazy athletic but sometimes plays erratic. smith's a likely 1st round pick in the next couple years and a starting PG in the league for sure. brian zoubek's size is intriguing at 7-1 and continues to improve game by game and shows nice touch around the basket. someone will take him in the second round in '10. lance thomas was labeled a bust after two years but has started to show why he was a top recruit coming out of high school. when he plays he contributes and is worth a second round pick in '10 as well. he could be a nice energy guy off the bench in league. though jon scheyer lacks athleticism, he has nice size at 6'5 and could be a decent catch and shoot guy in the nba. lastly elliot williams doesnt play much but has a pure jump shot and is only a freshman. he will be an nba player in the near future as well once the upperclassman graduate and he has a chance to show his elite offensive skill set. greg paulus could be a nice 12th man in the nba and could provide the steady leadership at PG if a team gives him a chance. for three years he played the toughest position for one of the best teams in college bball. discuss.

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8 players?!

draftman you should change your team to crazyman. the ONLY team in college basketball that will have more than 5 players drafted is uconn and they will have 6: thabeet, dyson, price, adrien, walker, and robinson. this is not the 1970s and there are not 3 rounds and no international players being drafted anymore.

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8? No way!

8 players? Nahhh

I only see 4 duke players with a chance to be in the NBA.

Nolan Smith as a role PG... not a starter.

Gerald Henderson is playing well right now... if he progresses as he should, he can fight for a starting position in the NBA.

Kyle Singler as a better version of Mike Dunleavy Jr. Has the same shooting touch as Mike with more hustle.

Luke Scheyer as a role player in the NBA... I'm seeing him as a Sasha Vujavic/Brent Barry type of player... maybe a little bit worse.

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I see 6 duke players having nba careers...Henderson is a lotto pick he should be a very good slasher at the next level...Scheyer (John not Luke) will be a solid back up 2 not as just a shooter....Smith needs to develop more but has potential to start at point hes an elite athlete and already a good scorer...Singler does everything well and has excelent range for his size....Elliot Williams was a 5 star recruit and all american he is just playing in the deepest back court in the nation its to early to tell how good he will be...and Zoubek has size you cant teach and great touch too...Thomas just hasnt panned out coming out of high school he was thought to be a 3 at the next level but in 3 years of school has not developed a perimeter game at all...and McAlarney is a much better then Paulus at what Paulus does best and hes not even a sure bet to make a roster so I dont see any shot for Paulus and Im a Duke fan.

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I only see two Duke players

I only see two Duke players on this year's roster that will definitely make it in the NBA. Thats Gerald Henderson and Kyle Singler. Those are the only two guys that have the intangibles and the tools at that are needed at their positions to compete in the NBA. Scheyer might have and outside chance of making it but it will be tough because of his lack athleticism. Brian Zoubek has an even lower chance of making it than Scheyer. Hes tall but lacks everything thats needed for the next level really. I also think Gerald Henderson will need to work on his ball handling and offensive skills. His athleticism is unreal and that makes him a 1st round draft pick alone. He can really get up.

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