Duke doesn't have much TALENT

After watching teams like UNC, Kentucky, Syracuse and Kansas, Duke really doesn't have the talent level of these programs. Although Duke did beat Kansas in Maui. Duke has really overachieved this year and really got exposed at home against Carolina. Coach K has really done a great job leading a team with only one future pro (Rivers). It seems as though elite level talent isn't coming to Durham year in and year out. Any thoughts?

Johnny Chill
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^ True

But Duke is stil 1-1 against Carolina one of the most talented teams in the country.

Carolina has 4-7 future NBA player on the team. Duke has 1, maybe 3 tops.

Carolina wins with all out talent. Duke wins with coaching, hard work, and over achieves.

As a college program, I will go with the team that over achieves than then the team that plays to their level of expecations.

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Yes, because John Calipari

Yes, because John Calipari and Roy Willams can't coach, and Barnes, Zeller, Henson, MKG, Anthony Davis and Terrence Jones don't work hard...

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