draymond green

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draymond green

Man hes just really ineffective. Cant shoot, low bball iq, too small to guard opposing teams bigs. i dont really know why mark jackson continues to play him

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Really now?

Who else would you want playing in the game?

Cant shoot, to a certain degree yes.

Low bball iq, for heaven's sake he's a rookie but he's above average in his draft class.

too small to guard opposing teams bigs, that's how they play. GS runs and runs and runs and Green provides that energy and hustle

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honestly, draymond green

honestly, draymond green probably had one of the top 5 bball IQ's in this draft, he is an extremely smart player.

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Coming out of MSU I thought

Coming out of MSU I thought Green was going to be a Boris Diaw type.. Then I see them standing next to each other and Boris has at least 3-4 inches on him.

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lol would you play Jefferson instead? RJ should be out of the league.. he's horrible..

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neither should be

neither should be playing...harrison, klay, carl landry, and david lee should be the only guys playing the 3 and 4 positions

its funny how i got negged 13 points for this when Green's averaging 2.9 points, 3.3 boards, on 32.7% shooting from the field

you guys are all a little bit whacked in the brain...he's literally horrid

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Well for starters lee has

Well for starters lee has been out with injury, he is pushing it playing 11 minutes.

And is playing well and efficient in the playoffs.
FG. 0.453%
3p. 0.409%
RB. 4.5
Blk 1
PPG 6.5

By no means show stopping numbers but is playing solid minutes and holding his own in the playoffs which for a rookie is great and in the playoffs you would expect your rookie to decrease or struggle not improving and becoming more efficient

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Smartest player in the past draft! He made it to the league on his iq! He's improved his shot this year as well he just had an off game much like steph curry or klay thompson

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I did think Dray Green played

I did think Dray Green played really out of control at times during the regular season. He relished the opportunity to be an enforcer for the Warriors and at times it seemed he'd just run around foul and rebound.

That being said, he's looked good at times this post season. He had a terriffic game in the close out game vs Denver, especially hitting big free throws and providing key hustle plays down the stretch. He has had some poor games vs the Spurs, but I think he's a little overwhelmed and is reverting back to his run around and foul bad habits.

I still think he has a pretty bright future as a role player, once he cools down and lets the game come to him. He's shown signs this post season, but I do think he's a little overrated because he's an easy guy to like. Hell, I like him, but I also can see he's a bull in a china shop at times.

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His Stats are not impressive, but he has stepped up at times and made some big plays and nocked down some big three pointers. He is a team guy, and plays the way Jackson wants.

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