Draft Trade Maybe? Maybe not? you rate IT

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Draft Trade Maybe? Maybe not? you rate IT

8th Pick
Brandan Wright ( Wright Would be a good fit with OKC ) and plus Wright Would have gone Top 3 in this years draft

New york
3rd Pick (AKA Curry)
25Th pick From (OKC)

Golden state
2nd Round Next year (OKC)
Nate Robinson (New York Does not think he is a starter in the NBA) Why would i say that because why would New york be all over PG in this draft. And plus GS need a true PG and then They could get B.J Mullens He would be a great fit In GS.

Plz Reply and tell me what U think

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Right on

I'm just not clear on who New York would take with the eighth pick.

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why would okc get another

why would okc get another Power Forward? that just wouldn't make sense. Keep 3 draft Harden and go from there to get a big

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