Draft Tiers
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Draft Tiers

What do Shaq, Duncan, Lebron, and Durant have in common? They are the only Franchise Tier One players of the last 20 years. I had some people ask for further explanation and illustration of this system of viewing draft prospects. This article has links which explain each group and tier. I know some will disagree with how i view some prospects, but I would love to get your input on the system as a whole.

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This isn't true and is just

This isn't true and is just stupid honestly. For instance how can you call the 2nd pick in a draft a Franchise Tier One player without saying the 1st player in that draft wasn't because obviously going into that draft Oden was rated higher then Durant.

I don't even know what point you're trying to make. Allen Iverson for example was viewed as a transcendent Franchise player who lived up to the hype and carried his team to a Finals appearance among other accomplishments. Over a decade later, Derrick Rose was viewed in the same light and lived up to it, yet these players are absent.

I think you're just trying to promote your blog, if so, then boo you.

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Chris Webber and Anthony

Chris Webber and Anthony Davis must fall into that category, I wasn't old enough to see Webber at Michigan but from highlights he was so dominant and he came into the league with massive hype that I do know. Anthony Davis other than Lebron is the most hyped player I have seen in about 10 years of following the draft, even more than Oden, Durant and Griffin who all should be close to that range aswell.

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