Draft stock

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Draft stock

When Xavier Henry commited to Kansas he helped solidify them as one of the deepest programs in the country next season and one of the favorites for the ship, when highly rated recruits join deep teams such as this i think it doesnt hurt their potential as long as they continue to show what got them there, even though their stats may take a slight hit i.e. Micheal Westbrook, any thoughts.

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I agree, It all just depends

I agree, It all just depends on which top notch recruits you bring in, and Xavier is the perfect type of player to mix in with veterans. He isn't one of those brats that believe the program should revolve around him. Now if they were signing some of the other guys like Stephenson, or Mayo and Beasley from a couple years back then you might have to be a little worried. Not to say they're not good players, they're just not the type of players that would get you over the hump.

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Kansas was a major recruit

Kansas was a major recruit away from probably playing in the championship this year. Xavier can fit in nicely with the the players the Jayhawks have. You have the inside game with Aldrich the general in Collins, and you add Henry as the slasher and your perimeter go to scorer. In terms of his of stock as a player I don't think it will be a big deal. Bill Self is a great coach who knows how to handle talented teams that had lots of studs. His national championship had lots of talented player, and I don't think any of them felt slided.

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Aldrich made a mistake by

Aldrich made a mistake by not entering the draft,
he will regret when his stock slips...

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