Draft Pick Trades

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Draft Pick Trades

Forgive my naivety on this but do the Lakers actually hold their own 2014 first-rounder? Only ask as there's an asterisk nexk to their pick (7) on the current mock but I can't find the relevant note.

Further to that anyone know of a good reference for looking at all the current coditional/traded picks etc.?


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I believe Phoenix owns it,

I believe Phoenix owns it, not sure what protections are on it though.

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I'm pretty sure LA owns this

I'm pretty sure LA owns this years (2014) pick and Pheonix has the rights to LA's pick next year (2015). Cleveland had LAs pick last year and I don't think you can trade first round picks for consecutive years.

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happen to know if the 2015 pick from L.A. to PHX is protected at all. The site doesnt say so...

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Yes the Lakers have their 1st

Yes the Lakers have their 1st rounder this year.

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I think the lakers have two

I think the lakers have two directions they can ATTEMPT to take.

Short term plan (AKA Get rich quick AKA typical lakers plan): Try to sign Melo, and trade draft pick for a veteran to pair with Kobe and Melo.

Long term plan: Keep the pick and draft a player that would compliment Kevin Love, and start building a team to get K-Love when his contract ends

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As a fan I hope for the

As a fan I hope for the long-term plan and expect the short-term plan.

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Problem I have with the

Problem I have with the so-called Long Term plan is that K-Love is still a Timberwolf as far as I know and hoping he would sign in LA might be a little premature. Second, yes they have their pick this year but already traded away quite some future picks as well (2014 2nd round, 2015 1st round (protected 1-5), 2015 2nd round, 2017 1st round pick). Yes, a long-term plan sounds good but might be difficult considering all this.

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If you go to and

If you go to and go to a team's roster page towards the bottom they have a section called future traded pick details.

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