Draft Day Steals

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Draft Day Steals

Jrue Holiday - Philadelphia No. 17

Jrue could be a possible steal at 17 , with his potential and skill-level he could be a nice addition to the Sixers playing along side Green, and Williams. If Miller decides to leave look for Holiday to play extended minutes.

Jeff Teague - Atlanta No. 19

Teague would be a nice addition to the Hawks, he could not produce now but with his upside he could be a nice point guard fit in Atlanta. With the addition of Crawford his playing time might be cut-short, But for now he can be a solid contributor off the bench.

DeJuan Blair - San Antonio No. 37

Blair slipped big time in the draft, Because of his knees. But what if he stays injury free? He surely could be another solid contributor on this team, and put up numbers on the board.
look for another Malik Rose in San Antonio.

Chase Budinger - Houston No. 44

May be the biggest steal in the draft. How did Chase fall this far? Budinger could really help the Rockets right away. With his shooting and athletic ability he could be a sloid contributor off the bench for the Rockets.

Danny Green - Cleveland No. 46

The UNC alumnus is a probable steal in this draft. He could help the Cavs in a lot of ways scoring, defending, rebounding. He's an all-around player, ala Matt Barnes.

Patrick Mills - Portland No. 55

Projected as an early 2nd rounder he slipped to the bottom of the draft. He's a good player that needs time to develop, In Portland he'll gonna have a hard-time getting on the court with Bayless and Blake or possibly Hinrich? But his speed and quickness is a great asset to him.

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I thought...

I thought Danny Green went to Cleveland and Budinger went to Houston?

And Holiday a Draft day steal I don't think so, his a high risk/reward player. But it might work for Philly but why would they sign Williams with a great amount last year when he isn't gonna play the point for you if Miller leaves.

But you're right Blair and Budinger is the steal especially in the second round. With Blair the Spurs got some one to give them a ton of rebound a bit of Millsap - Big Baby type game.
And Houston getting a good wing player with Budinger, that is projected to have at least a first round talent player.
I would also like to add Sam Young cause his a solid player that is ready to play in the NBA.

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Sam Young Dejuan Blair Chase

Sam Young
Dejuan Blair
Chase Budinger
Patty Mills

Dionte Christmas
Jeff Adrien

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half on players arent even

half on players arent even on the right team. buds with houston and green is with the cavs

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