draft could haves

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draft could haves

Where would Blake Griffin have gone last year? Considering post scoring has been chicago's nemesis for a long time, theres no reason to believe that they would not have considered Griffin for the number one pick. As for this year, would John Wall have been the number one overall pick had he been allowed to enter?

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I think Griffin would have

I think Griffin would have gone #1 last year. This year I think Wall would've gone #2.

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Derrick Rose was too hot

Derrick Rose was too hot last year. Griffin battled injuries. He wouldve battled Mayo for #3.

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Last Year? He would have

Last Year? He would have gone 4th. Rose - Beasley - Mayo - Griffin

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I think he would have gone

I think he would have gone 2nd because Miami wanted a point guard or a legit post. They would have gone for size over talent and that is not to say Griffin not talented but Beastley had the hype as far as talent wise. Rose is from Chicago and there is no way Bulls would let him slide when he has that much talent and upside. Remember the NBA is becoming a guard's league.

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2nd, cuz he's a better post

2nd, cuz he's a better post player than Beasley so Miami would've chosen him. Remember he was a projected top 10 pick last year anyway so with the numbers he put up this year he could've gone 1. I'm not so high on Wall. He wouldn't have been the top prospect in this years recruiting class until things started happening to Henry. If the other player has to move down for you to be #1 then I'm not so sure about how great you are.

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Griffin wouldve went 3rd or 4th, he wasnt getting picked over Rose or Beasley. Memphis needed a PF and the traded with (Minny) needed a PF,too.

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No way would he has went

No way would he has went first last year. Rose led his team to the ship and was the hometown kid. Plus Beasley was way better then him and so was Mayo. Griffin might have cracked the top 4 but not the top 3. Rose, Beasley and Mayo all had much better seasons.

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