Draft Combine

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Draft Combine

Is anyone else upset that some of the great players like Griffin, Hill, Rubio, Jennings, ect. aren't partisipating? In the NFL combine, if you don't show up, it hurts your stock. This combine doesnt seem as important. I would like to see this as a mandatory thing or players that dont show up get some kind of fine or a pay cut. Not having all the tallent here kind of make it a waste of time for 5 or 6 teams. Also, I like some of the new drills but dont like how they took the gameplay out. The 5 on 5 drills really shows things that these drills dont. Most players can run a shell fast break but not everyone can play against defence. This is not showing any dicision making abilities or the ability to break the defence or play defence for that matter. Thoughts?

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I think anyone with top 5

I think anyone with top 5 consideration shouldn't attend to hide your flaws coming into the Nba. With that being said I still believe guys like James Harden, Jordan Hill, and Brandon Jennings definitely could have gone to increase their stock. Jennings doesn't fall past 7 and Hill 5, but I can honestly see Harden hitting rock bottom at 7-8.

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