Hopefully the draft will go better than the lottery selection. All I could think of when they announced Webber was going to be there was, "could they pick an athlete with worse luck?" Obviously there are tons of athletes with worse horror stories but how many of you were waiting for Webber to call a timeout and forfeit the Kings selection?

Anyway I learned a long time ago as much as I may watch basketball when it comes time to draft, my guesses are more of a crapshoot than the NFL draft. I look at mocks and start to like certain picks for certain teams. I'll call them idiots for passing on a guy that has dropped, or the guy I KNOW they should take. Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong. Jury is still out on Hawes and to a lesser extent JT. How many of us wanted Peja or Hedo? K-mart? 'Cisco? Looking at where the Kings picked and how many players were selected ahead and failed, and how few were selected after and prospered I've learned to put my trust in scouts and Petrie over my opinions.

That being said, I've never looked into a draft like i have this one. How sick does an all int'l draft Rubio, Casspi, Claver/Jerebko sound?

Def need a PG, and to be honest if Rubio was avail I wouldn't be surprised to see Kings trade the pick. Can get a lot more for him at that point than trading the 4 pick now. Make sense? Less teams will want the 4 not knowing if he'll be there. Plus you can still go pick up the guy you want later. I can see Knicks trading their 1st pick plus next years 1st (not lottery protected) Its the KNICKS they'll do anything on a whim.

I'd love to see Rubio in a Kings uni but either way they'll get a PG and prob a SF at the 23 spot. Every mock I've seen has Casspi going 23 or later. Read about him, watch him, looks like a Petrie player to me. Love to see Noci traded, he doesn't really fit in my opinion. Let Cisco start and develop Casspi like Peja and Hedo were. Claver and Jerebko to a lesser extent fit right in, especially if you can trade Noci. 2nd round you go for most upside over need because not many 2nd rounders make the NBA. There are one or two every year but not many. Name the last 2nd round pick the Kings drafted that got significant minutes anywhere?

The draft could be a GREAT one for the Kings, and that Artest trade can really be the diff maker. I can't wait till draft day.

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I read a lot of kings rumors

And unfortunately, it sounds like we will be selling either #23 or 31. Whichever one we don't sell, i expect us to take Nick Calathes and let him play oversees for a year, the front office loves him.

As for #4, there is no way we trade up or down. Petrie won't risk losing the player he wants to trade down, and he doesnt love Rubio enough to trade up. The leading prospects at four if Rubio's gone are Johnny Flynn, followed by Tyreke Evans and Steph Curry. Jennings and Holliday are out of contention. There is a big workout tomorrow in which all three (i believe) will participate. That should swing our decision one way or another.

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I think we can get a decent

I think we can get a decent wing player at 23. Maybe Summers or Sam Young will still be available. With any luck, Point Guard Eric Maynor will still be around. He is an exceptional scorer and a very good pure point guard as well. Under rated because he went to VCU but if not for the lock down D of Darren Collison, he would have led the Rams to a victory over UCLA early in the tournament. But of course this seems unlikely as we intend to get a point guard early. I'm hoping for Holiday because I am unsure about how Rubio will translate to the nba. As of right now, he has average speed, shooting, and athleticism but he does have good size and court vision/passing abilities. The safest pick we could make besides Harden would be Jonny Flynn who has NBA speed and athleticism. I am hoping for Holiday because we need some toughness and he is a very very good defender. At Point Guard, he is 6'4" and 200 lbs with good speed and decent length. Being held back by UCLA's slower tempo, he will exceed in a faster NBA system, proving why he was the 2008 Gatorade player of the year.

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