Doug McDermott

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Doug McDermott

could Doug Mcdermott end up being a lottery pick by the end of the season? Can he be a starting small forward in the NBA? whats his potential?

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It's possible he could go

It's possible he could go lottery and start for a team sometime in his career.. But I just don't see it.

I see him as a combo forward who doesn't have the quickness length or athleticism for the three and doesn't have the size or strength to play the four making him a liability on defense. On offense he is a good shooter, he can post up, and he is just a smart overall player. But again idt his skillet will be good enough at the three just yet and his size will limit him down low.

Overall I love this guy as a college player I just don't see the translation to the next level. I hope he proves me wrong though

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Doug McDermott's fundamentals

Doug McDermott's fundamentals are flawless but I question his ability to guard NBA athleticism on the wing and in the post. He will be on someones NBA roster. I'm rooting for the kid. He's a special basketball talent.

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No, the guy is very skilled

No, the guy is very skilled but he is a tweener and lacks a lot of athleticism; would be a nice end of the first round pick for a team like the spurs

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He has some serious

He has some serious consistency with his jumper, he won't have any trouble moving out to NBA range. Could really develop into a great spot up option. He's skilled enough to score inside the arc but finishes well below the rim which can definitely be a problem with the quality of shot blockers in the NBA.. I do worry about him defensively guarding long quick SF's in the NBA. He just won't have the quickness to stay in front of them laterally. He had 3 blocks, and only 7 steals IN TOTAL last year. For a post player that is shockingly low... I don't know what to think of him quite yet, I love his offensive skillset but he looks like such a liability defensively...

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He's not a lotto pick, but he

He's not a lotto pick, but he could easily be a rotation player. Just look at how Steve Novak is being used. He's basically a back up stretch PF. It's not like too many good back up PFs are good offensively.
McDermott might not be quite the shooter that Novak is, but he's a really good shooter as well with a better overall offensive game.

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He will definatly be in a

He will definatly be in a rotation as a fourth bigman/ fourth wing and as a shooting specialist. He should be able to get 10 to 15 minutes a game or more depending on his body and defense develops. Any team that can take advantage of his shooting like the how the spurs do with all their players, will definately have enough value.

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Role player

Probably can be an offensive punch off the bench and could be pretty efficient in a good system. Im still rootin for him! I lov his game and maturity...

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Luke Babbit comes to mind

Luke Babbit comes to mind initially.

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He could be like Wally Szczerbiak in the NBA

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His ball handling needs work,

His ball handling needs work, but I think he'll be taken in the 20's. He's not as bad on defense as you would think by looking at his numbers. He stands is ground and doesn't gamble, due to his high IQ. He's played a lot of high caliber college players in his 2.5 years and he's not a guy that those players try to go at because of a lack of defense.

He surpringly gritty and very skilled in the post. Matt Harpring was physically a very very strong guy. McDermott, isn't quite as strong, but I think McDermott will fill that kind of role. A gritty forward with a good shot, again McDermott is not as strong but has a better shot, but I view McDermott to fill a similar role in the NBA.

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