To the doubters...........

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To the doubters...........

When they first saw this Mixtape was tooooo hyped about him, and now this is why we are shocked/dissapointed with the way he plays today....

Cause when EVERYONE first saw this, we all knew he was gon be a problem, 2 years later....yea u know.....And dont lie and say u wasn't hyped when u seen this yo first time 2!

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I remember Rudy Gay got

I remember Rudy Gay got drafted later than he should because of his two years in college. He has put up better numbers in the pros than he did in college. Some people's game does not translate to college. Perry Jones will be a steal for some team.
I bet Houston wish it did not trade him now.

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^I don't remember the

^I don't remember the circumstances behind that trade very well, but I believe Houston was picking for Memphis.

And I still have faith in PJ3. He won't be a franchise changer, but he'll defeinatly be an impact performer for some team, he didn't have hte standout college career we all thought he would have but he still put up decent numbers, I hope my dubs take him at #7.

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He needs Greg Pop or George

He needs Greg Pop or George Karl to be his coach.. Also, he needs to be a 4 in the NBA.. He can do some time at the 3 but he would be best suited as super versatile 4 man..

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Houston shouldnt

Houston traded Gay for Battier because they had a championship caliber team that was in need of a defensive stopper on the perimeter to help them get to the next level. Gay at that point wouldnt have help them as much as Battier did. And plus Battier meshed and jelled so well with the Rockets starters and Gay wouldn't have.

@ Sheltwon Houston doesn't dont regret that trade because with Battier they became one of the top defenesive teams year in and out winning 50 plus games his first 3 or 4 years with them. If it wasn't for injures to either Yao and Tmac ever year they could have contended for a championship and made it farther then they did each year in the playoffs.

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This is what I been saying...

This is what I been saying... Let the dude be a SF who goes into the post on occasion. Thats his natural game.

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The problem is this kind of

The problem is this kind of video :

- only shows jones was dominating during his HS days... a long time ago now.

- only shows jones was playing against SMALLER, less athletic players... this is not the kind of players he will meet after the draft.

- only shows somes flashes : with very imrpessive dunks, block shots, hard shoots... but with little work you can create such a video for almost every average player too...

- shows fast beak plays where he can easily dominate but almost no half court 5/5 plays.

- only shows Jones is a freak (nice combination of physical and techical tools) but nothing more than anthony randolph or tim thomas...

I really don't like those kind of video/mixtapes. You can not evaluate the player with such a work.

Don't get me wrong I'd love to see him succeeding but I doubt he have the mental tools to (tough, competitive, will to improve). If he didn't manage to adjust to the ncaa (after his HS success) how could he adjust to the nba... He was in a very good situation to succeed in Baylor and didn't manage to.

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People forget that he only averaged like 14ppg his Senior season of HS. He has been underwhelming statistically since I first saw him in HS , not sure if that will change.

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Did anyone else notice he has

Did anyone else notice he has a very high dribble? Don't see why people look at that and get hyped about his "SF" skills, he has to be a mobile PF to have any chance of success at the next level, any NBA SF defender worth his salt will be able to stay in front of Jones III with little to no trouble.

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Lol it's funny people now

Lol it's funny people now don't want to agree with what I said, regardless if it's a mixtape or not, I remembered when it was posted on this site people were going nuts!

Saying he could be the next T-Mac, Rudy Gay, saying he could become one of the top perimeters in the L in a few years, now he's been proven to be more of a 4 man and now yall making excuses.

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I was really high on this

I was really high on this guy.

The combination of athleticism, size, and skill was ridiculous and isn't seen that often. I always told my cousin he would be a bigger T-Mac in the NBA. Now he laughs at me lmao

Too bad he doesn't have the motor to go along with it... Oh ,well... they can't all be Kenneth Farieds.

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