Donald Sterling

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Donald Sterling

I know this is the last thing you want to see: another Donald Sterling post but bare with me here. I want to discuss what you think the maximum punishment and penalty that our the new commissioner Adam Silver can impose upon the owner.

Keep in mind that the commissioner works 'for' the owner so he has their collective favorable solution in mind when making decisions. Now, from the very beginning Adam has said that the league will put into motion a 'due process' in order to verifiy if it is actually Donald Sterling's voice or not as well as other supporting context in the conversation. The way I see it, Adam Silver can only fine the owner for only so much and impose restrictions all he wants but since you're going up against an owner, I believe his efforts will not affect Sterling in a least bit. A reason being that he was faced with a similar issue about discrimination before and yet he chose to settle by forking over USD 2.9M in 2009 and yet here is he is five years later and he's still a racist bigot.

Possible solution- people boycott him and the franchise entirely. I know it's a tough world out there and players want to be in an NBA roster but when it comes down to it the NBA is a brotherhood. Rivals, enemies, friends or not, they support one another and their families. There in lies the true power of our athletes, they have a choice to boycott this man and his franchise altogethere.

It is envitable that Donald steps down as an owner because after the tape leaked, the Clippers had a meeting to discuss what transpired and what can they do in order to protest. It was discussed that they might sit out the following game but it did not happen. However, they did get blown out by the Warriors. Now, when the press asked Doc if he'll be back next season and he said he's not sure. Reports have surfaced the Doc is leaning towards leaving the franchise after this post season. Rumors has it that managers are advicing their clients to stray away from the Clipper franchise.

I vote that the Clippers should be sold to another owner. What makes this situation difficult and different for Donald compared to his previous 'misconducts' is that now he has every NBA players, coaches, personnel, talent managers, trainers' attention.

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