Do you think Gerald Green syndrome can be cured?

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Do you think Gerald Green syndrome can be cured?

I was really happy when boston selected Green, He was just an awesome dunker, he put the weight he lacked in a few months and was destined to greatness.

The kid is a superb athlete, super explosive, fast with nice body coordiantion. He got a decent jumpshot and is a solid free throw shooter. He drawed comparisons with the elite athletes in the nba.

All in all a nice package on paper, but somethnig is wrong with his head, his awareness on the court is known for all to be just poor, his BKB IQ is mostly non existant.

Do you think he can cure this "disease"? and become the player many tought he will be?

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Yes. Just come to New York

Yes. Just come to New York Gerald. He just needs to build confidence. Ever since leaving Boston, all he has had is garbage minutes. He thrived when Pierce was hurt and he had to carry a heavy load for the Celts. He makes mistakes because hes trying to prove himself in limited minutes which makes him force bad plays.

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100% agree....Come to NY

100% agree....Come to NY Gerald...Run and Gun is for you!!!

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James White is just like

James White is just like Green. Guys who can dunk like crazy and drawed big comparisons, but sucked in the league. I think Rodney White too, I could have the name wrong though. Those 3 are like some of the best dunkers period and none of them cut it in the NBA.

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I want

I want to see Gerald Green develop his superstar potential...If NYK is the best place, then so be it... Just give him the opportunity to play.. I think he can still prove himself because he is still 23... Chauncey Billups was a late-bloomer in his career and was mostly a journeyman until he got to Detroit... I still believe in the kid and I hope he grows.

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Its up to him and him only. Being moved to a team is no fix, it could "potentially" lead to him gaining confidence. However, he needs more than that. He needs to work his a$$ off if he wants to be an elite player. For what he has accomplished so far, it is beyond clear he doesn't work as hard as he needs to. Anyone with his talent and any bit of drive would be a successful player at worst and possibly one of the better players in the league. I was very high on this kid out of high school and hated that the Bobcats picked May over him, but so far both have been bad picks. While I do think Mays career is over, Gerald still has the time and athletic ability to turn things around, but its all in his hands.

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